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  1. Brakes
    Just noticed a small leak on the rear rigid brake pipe that connects to rubber hose. What size are these pipes and union nuts? Thought I would try flaring a new joint. Any suggestions for best pipe to use? copper/nickel? Thanks in advance
  2. Engine & Gearbox
    Having to replace a split fuel pipe on my T4 is turning into a nightmare. Purchased replacement set of pipes off ebay. They screw on fine at the fuel pump but seem too small to screw on to the injectors!! Surely that cant be the case, but on mk 1 eye ball inspection the nuts do seem slightly...
  3. Wheels & Tyres
    Hi all, Picked myself up a set of alloys today for the van. Not been very original unfortunately, they are genuine Audi A8 18 inchers. I just need to get myself a set of bolts, but it seems a bit of a mine field. Does anything know what bolts I need? Cheers Gav
  4. Wheels & Tyres
    Hi, Anyone got any idea what type of wheel bolts I have here - looking to order some more to replace the crappy locking ones I have. Looking for specs etc to know what to order as I have no idea what to buy. These are from 19" wheels - 245/40R19 Any help appreciated. Thanks
  5. Wheels & Tyres
    Hello T4'ers of the big wide world, I've bought myself a set of Audi TT 17" MK2 alloys (ET47) for my T4b 1997 ACV 2.5. I'm pretty new to all this and regularly get confused, so be gentle with me! :) I was wondering if anyone knows... 1. What size (length / radius / head?) wheel nuts I need...
  6. Wanted
    I need 5 wheels nuts as spares just in case I ever need to replace an alloy temporarily. Tried my wheel nuts today on my steel spare and they tighten up and there's still movement in the wheel. Cheers Alex
1-6 of 6 Results