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  1. 10J ET55 Wheels on a SWB

    General T4 Chat
    Hi guys, New T4 owner here looking for advice. We're in process of converting our 52 plate SWB 2.5TDI with two sliding doors from a day van to a camper. Looking at some lovely FYK wheels currently, black spokes and polished rims. The issue is they're 10J width (all 4 which is odd as they're...
  2. Extreme offset wheels? Opinions

    Wheels & Tyres
    Hi guys just wondering if any of you have used the company called extreme offset wheels. If so what do you think of their service and products I am looking at getting the 5spokes in black with 8j front and 9j rear and the stainless studs. Any opinions would be valued :)
  3. Rear axel difference MM

    Wheels & Tyres
    Hi, anyone know the difference in MM between the post '96 rear axel with discs, and the early drum rear axel? I've got a set of alloys from a mates '96 and when i tried putting them on my '94 with drums, they're stuck tight on the inner arch! :eek: I'm thinking i could use spacers to clear...
  4. ET35 to ET45

    Wheels & Tyres
    I am soon to take delivery of some 15" Audi alloys, ET45. I currently have some 15" VW alloys, ET35. I plan to use the Audi ones whilst I do up the VW ones. I know the Audi ones will fit as they've come off a T4, but does the change of offset from ET45 to ET35 mean I'll have to get the tracking...
  5. audi TT wheels fit or not

    Wheels & Tyres
    hi im very new to this so a bit green on this subject. i have some audi TT wheels which are 17x7.5j and i think the et is 32 and was planning on 225 50 17 tyres but the stud pattern's not right so would need some 15mm adapters to get them on. so the big question is, is it worth getting the...
  6. Can I run 18" alloys with out lowering my T4?

    Wheels & Tyres
    Hi there, new to this, just got a T4 and want to fit 18" alloys with a et42 and 235/40/18 tyres. I've been told that these will be fine, but i'm not going to be lowering the van, well not yet. Will the 18" be ok with the van at standard height, as im worried about rubbing and the wheel...
  7. New 'Show us your wheels' thread

    Wheels & Tyres
    Right, here is the new 'Show us your wheels' thread. Please keep it simple but try to include: Wheel make, model, size and offset. Tyre make, size and load rating. An indication of whether your van is lowered or not would be helpful No more than 2 photos. Please keep any comments to...