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oil light

  1. 2004 T5 2.5 130 - Red oil light intermittent problem

    Hi guys, I'm new to T5 ownership and this is my first post on here, ive spent many hours researching all the excellent data on here before taking the plunge and getting my own van so thank you everyone for what i have learnt to date. Ive had my van about a month, she's a bit of a tatty white...
  2. Electrical problems t25 1989 - oil light and buzzing

    I'm having issues with both the oil light continuously flashing along with intermittent and sometimes constant buzzing noise. The latest problem which seems somewhat connected is the battery has been completely flat the last two times I've gone to start my van. I know a few questions have...
  3. VW T5 oil light and power lose

    Engine & Gearbox
    This is a strange one, just wanted ot know if anyone has experienced this. I have a t5 2006 that has done 110,000. The oil light comes on every 60 miles and if I pop the bonnet it goes off. However If I dont do that it loses power, it changes gear but wont go faster than about 45. I've taken to...
  4. Help please !!

    General T4 Chat
    P reg' 1.9TD ..... Just done 60 odd miles with the oil light flashing red and the battery light full on red. Both came on together. Engine still pulls like a train and the water temp' is as per usual. Battery is definitely not being charged [parked up now it does not have enough in it to...
  5. Flashing oil pressure warning problems

    Engine & Gearbox
    I keep seeing the same question about this problem being asked again and again, so I am hoping that this short explanation will finally put things to bed. If you have a van that has problems with the oil light flashing at low engine speeds or high engine speeds along with the buzzer or indeed...
  6. Blinking oil light

    Engine & Gearbox
    Vans been giving me more bother. Was driving down the road yesterday and the oil light suddenly started blinking. I got an oil change last week as well as new oil filter. Anyone know what it might be. My van is a 1998 1.9td Cheers
  7. Help!!

    I have a 98 1.9td. All week I've had my oil light flashing at me and my battery light never comes on even before I start the van. Vans been running great all week until today that is. On my way to an auto spark and my electrics start going mad, heater doesn't blow out, glow plug indicater...
  8. Oil light flashing

    Engine & Gearbox
    Please could someone help me with a problem im having. I bought a 98 T4 1.9TD last october. Van runs fine. Just one thing im unsure of really. Since i bought it the oil light would flash once or twice after ignition and only when it is cold, along with this the van would shudder a bit when...
  9. Recon engine, flashing oil light and annoying beeping!

    Welcome to The VW T4 Forums
    Hi, We've just bought our 1st T4, diesel 1.9tdi from ebay. It has, as the advert described 'Full engine recon and replacement turbo'. We've got a few problems and wondered if anyone else had any ideas?? The van has been sluggish at starting, the oil light has been flashing and there is a loud...
  10. T4 1.9td problems

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi everyone, I'm a new member and proud owner of a X reg T4 1.9td with 84k on the clock. Love the van...but experiencing a few worrying problems. Everyone on here seems very helpful and friendly, so I'm hoping somebody can give me some advice! A few days ago my van refused to start in the...