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  1. Security
    Hi, I desperately need to know how to remove the Inner door panel/trim from my 2005 T5 Caravelle without damaging it so I can fix the door mechanism. At the moment my van is not secured and anyone could get in. I have worn out google and my keyboard searching for a how-to guide or a youtube...
  2. Interior
    Hi, Thanks in advance to all you lovely people who may be able to offer me some advice... T: I have a 2011 T5.1 with a 'ridged' rather than flat smooth roof. Does anyone have experience of installing flexi stick down solar panels to a T5 with a 'ridged roof'? e.g. How can you form a proper...
  3. VAG Parts For Sale
    Top quality genuine Volkswagen side repair panel for O/S (behind driver's door) - no longer needed. £100 (Google the actual RRP - ridiculous money as you can imagine, so grab yourself a total bargain). Free collection from Arbroath area. Can supply weight and dimensions if you'd like to...
  4. Parts For Sale
    Good quality front wing repair panels for both N/S and O/S - no longer needed. £18 each (not including postage). Free collection from Arbroath area, or can arrange to post out.
  5. VAG Parts For Sale
    Genuine VW 'B' Pillar/Door Inner repair section - no longer needed. £20 (not including postage). Free collection from Arbroath area, or can arrange to post out.
  6. Parts For Sale
    Good quality Klokkerholm door sill repair panels, both O/S and N/S - no longer needed. £8 each (not including postage). Free collection from Arbroath area, or can arrange to post out.
  7. Parts For Sale
    Panels in grey. Also included are the two joining strips and all 'push pins' VGC £90 ONO Buyer collects, or possible mutual meet for fuel :-)
  8. Vans For Sale
    For sale, T5/T30, long wheel base, custom camping interior with hob and sink, full width rock and roll bed, fully lined out, MOT till July 2017, service history for last 3 yrs I have owned it, 20" wheels, 1.9 104 turbo diesel, 194,000 miles 5+ owners, Part service history, 3000kg payload...
  9. Electrical
    I'm by no means an expert when it comes to the electrics, and when it comes to wiring everything up I'm happy to pay an expert to do it rather than fumbling around destroying everything myself! That said, I'm well aware that there are certain figures (amp, hours etc.), that need taking in to...
  10. T5 Conversions
    hey guys, Starting to strip out my T5 this weekend, its a 56 plate panel van. I am a technician by trade and have a background in rotary wing. I plan on doing a lot of the work myself. Before I consider lining my van I want to put down as many of the cables that will need to run through the...
  11. Parts For Sale
    Genuine T5.1 Caravelle headlights SOLD Caravelle / Shuttle Right Hand Side Upper Sliding Door Trim SOLD Right Hand Side Caravelle Sliding door Panel SOLD Passenger and drivers side Shuttle / Caravelle D Pillar Trims. The Pillar Trims are number 25 in this image I believe they...
  12. Interior
    Hi This might be an odd question to some of you but Im having real difficulties screwing the panel to the sliding door. All my other panels are connected to the van by drilling holes in the metal and screwing through the panel and then putting a nice silver cap on the head of the screw. But...
  13. T5 Conversions
    Hi, I'm getting my interior done, everything apart from kitchen/cupboards, but have been given mixed advice ref solid wall/ceiling panels or individual lined smaller panels per section? Firstly, pros and cons? Secondly, who do you recommend in the southwest? Finally, I am having the following...
  14. Electrical
    Hello! Can any one give me advice/links to a solar panel kit that I can use in my van to charge my 110ah leisure battery. Need it to have a display to put inside my van to show the status. I.e charging/charged or and automatic cut off. I've seen kits but they vary, 12v 10w/20w/30w/50w/100w...
  15. General T5 Chat
    Hi All, Does anyone know of a place in the north west that can fit a rear seat in a panel (SWB T5 2012) - Would like a triple bench seat thing that can fold up to the front seats for more space and also be taken out easy enough as I use it for a work van and need all the space sometimes. Cheers
  16. Parts For Sale
    Genuine Rear door panel with fitting pins £25 Rear door pull SOLD Rear wiper motor cover SOLD Front seat rear bottom cover £10 each All plus P&P or can be collected from Solihull
  17. Interior
    I forgot to take a pic of it fitted incorrectly but I'm sure that I'm not the only one who didn't refit them properly. This pic as it should be. For anyone frustrated with the gap narrower at the top where the door panel meets the dash, this is because of a (yet another) slightly stupid design...
  18. Interior
    Right, I've been at it for a good couple of hours with nada to show for it. Tryin to remove the rear quarter panel and mostly done from what I can see, except around the blind area. Couple of pics to follow but it looks as if it's held in by a row of white plastic posts onto the blind assembly...
1-18 of 30 Results