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  1. Dipstick issue with Passat 1.9TDi

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi, I just bought my first T4 3 weeks ago and have been working through some of the 'little' problems it has. One I really need help with is that someone put a Passat 1.9tdi engine in the van but didn't complete the job. So the dipstick is still the original and I cant get to it, its also been...
  2. Golf steering wheel on T4

    General T4 Chat
    Hi, would anyone have a part number for the slip ring / quib that's needed in order to fit a golf / passat steerign wheel to a T4 please? It's needed so that the indicators still cancel but the onw I've got with my golf steering wheel is slightly too big. So in other words, the indicator cancel...
  3. passat hazard problem....

    Hi there, i have just brought a t4 1.9td which i will be doing a build thread on very soon but when i got the van the indicators were playing up. when i indicated all the hazards came on. so after some reading on here i decided that it must be down to a fault with the hazard switch so i got the...
  4. 2004 Passat Estate - PX T4/T5

    VAG Vehicle Sales
    2004 Passat Estate - PX T4/T5 £3500 ono Hi I've been on the look out for a T4/T5 day van for a while and like most i can't free up the cash to buy a new car without releasing my cash from the current one. Ideally im looking for a PX cash either way. Anyway i have a 2004 53 reg Passat 1.9 tdi...
  5. Passat rear view mirror for T4 and T5

    Parts For Sale
    Hi, This is an easy upgrade or replacement for a broken item, this simply fits over the boss on the windscreen and twists into place. It is light grey and is in excellent condition with no scratches or cracks on the glass or the plastic. It fits my T5 and I imagine it would fit most VW's out...
  6. Passat interior light to fit T5

    Parts For Sale
    Hi, This is a direct replacement with no extra fiddly wiring to do and a great upgrade for your van, its just plug and play (once you've undone the screws). This is an interior light from an '05 Passat it is in light grey and has the extra map reading lights either side. The lense is slightly...
  7. Genuine VW Passat roof bars

    Life Style
    I have a pair of genuine VW roof bars for a B5 Passat saloon, they will fit the later facelifted models up to about 2005 as well. They come with the tool for tightening them to the car, the locking VW end caps and a set of 2/3 keys. Due to the size and weight the buyer will have to collect. £35
  8. Concerned about alloys

    Wheels & Tyres
    I've got a set of VW Passat alloys that I've had put on my 2001 2.5tdi T4, with the original tyres off my steels transferred onto them. The same bolts have been used to fit them as those that held the steels on. Are these bolts ok? The tyres are obviously suitably load rated, but the alloys...