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pedal box
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  1. Parts For Sale
    To Fit T4 in good working order based in huddersfield west yorks call 07850 684 137 cheers
  2. SWB Garage (All Versions)
    As I was going through sorting out pictures that got deleted the other week, it occurred to me that I haven't done a thread showing what I've done to the van. Seeing as I have actually finally done something of worth as well, I thought now was the time! So here's what we started with in January...
  3. Engine & Gearbox
    I replaced my front discs and pads today, another item ticked off the massive MOT fail sheet! I took the old boat for a run to check they were ok (first time i've fitted brakes) and alls well! (Learning a lot with this bloody van) Anyway, next problem decides to rear its ugly head, there is some...
  4. Engine & Gearbox
    Hey guys, So, lovin' our T4! But, have a slight issue, which I think should be an easy fix, and wondered if anyone else might have had the same issue. We went to the beach on Fri(along with the masses...sheesh.)and on the way I noticed that the clutch pedal was feeling 'different'. Had to...
  5. General T4 Chat
    it was may 08 that I found the metal brace from my pedal box lying in the foot well, I made a temporary repair by cable tying a block of wood under the master cylinder and promptly forgot all about it I:, last week it started to make a clicking sound so I thought I’d better have a look at it - I...
  6. Wanted
    Well as per the norm with t4s mine is on its way out. So need one asap so I can send it off to be renforced. Can pay by paypal or bank transfer. :ILU:
1-6 of 6 Results