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plastic cover

  1. What is this hole for?

    Can anyone tell me what this hole is for? As you can see, it is between the wheel arch and the sliding door. It has a plastic cover, which has what looks like a cable outlet in the bottom. The hole itself is very deep, at least 30cm, so it's quite a big space Any ideas what I could use it...
  2. middle seat -seatbelt outer plastic cover

    In my Van interior i have lost one of the two plastic covers that fit around the female part of the seat belt clip, and the part i have is marked and worn , Ive searched the usual places but cant locate any , is anyone aware if they are available or would i need to but a full seat belt thanks
  3. What's this part called?

    Hi I am trying to buy the plastic cover that fits under the rear bench seat of a caravelle but one which has hinged doors on it. Does anyone know what it's called? If you know anywhere where I could get one - much appreciated. thanks