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plastic cover
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  1. Interior
    Can anyone tell me what this hole is for? As you can see, it is between the wheel arch and the sliding door. It has a plastic cover, which has what looks like a cable outlet in the bottom. The hole itself is very deep, at least 30cm, so it's quite a big space Any ideas what I could use it...
  2. Interior
    In my Van interior i have lost one of the two plastic covers that fit around the female part of the seat belt clip, and the part i have is marked and worn , Ive searched the usual places but cant locate any , is anyone aware if they are available or would i need to but a full seat belt thanks
  3. Interior
    Hi I am trying to buy the plastic cover that fits under the rear bench seat of a caravelle but one which has hinged doors on it. Does anyone know what it's called? If you know anywhere where I could get one - much appreciated. thanks
1-3 of 3 Results