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  1. New T5 Members Forum
    Hi there, I've scoured the previous threads on a similar subject but cannot find an answer. I have recently had a part conversion and had a leisure battery installed with a split charger and 240v hook up. I have a USB and internal lights running from the leisure battery. There are also x2 3...
  2. Electrical
    Started to clean my engine bay today as I had a massive oil explosion when the inlet pipe to the turbo came off and noticed that this blue plug had a wire hanging loose. Don't know if it was like this before I stuck my arm in or not but no idea where it's supposed to go. The other end is...
  3. Wanted
    I'm in need of a rubber plug/cover for the inspection hole on my ABL engine as at the mo there is a gap where I can see the timing belt. I'm pretty sure anything off a golf or passat will fit? If anybody is breaking a van or has one lying around please get in touch with me. Many thanks...
  4. Engine & Gearbox
    Just got the van back from a new cambelt and it seems very smooth but slower. I took the MAF plug off the MAF housing and noticed that it's only got 4 connectors in it but the MAF has 5 prongs. Is this right? Thanks Chris
  5. Electrical
    Well, after a long time waiting, I got my van on Friday which I hoped to get straight into converting, but after driving all the way from Nottingham, stopping a couple of times on the way, my next stop (a petrol station a mile from home) was my last and I had to call in recovery. Unfortunately...
  6. Electrical
    Hey everyone, I tried searching for the answers to these but It's just returning a blank page, so sorry if this is a duplicate. My indicator light is cracked and some water has got in there and rusted out the plate that the bulbs sit in. The break and revers lights work a treat but the...
  7. Engine & Gearbox
    Hi All My sump plug is stuck - like really stuck - and before I get serious on its , ideally I need a spare sump to hand - just in case. Van is a 2.5TDI (88hp) Cheers VT
  8. Parts For Sale
    As there seems to be some demand for these little items I had a roundup and found 26 I don't need if anyone still needs some?? Light grey - £5 posted PM me... Sorry people - these were sold within minutes and went in the post this morning
1-8 of 8 Results