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  1. Van not starting - plug problem??

    1997 t4 1.9td Hi folks After some help, not sure if it's electrical or not but I suspect it is! Fuse in slot 15 of interior fuse blows every now and then. This seems to control glow plugs, or at least glow plug light! Van won't start when blown. Driving today, a sudden loss of all power, as...
  2. Removed passenger wheel engine will not start

    Welcome to The VW T4 Forums
    It's most likely these things are unrelated, but here's my story. My break pads on my vw t4 1996 2l petrol van were extremely worn down, so I simply replaced them. Once completed the van was parked overnight on a slight upward slope. Next morning, the van simply will not start, the day before...
  3. Need help, got a few problems.

    Engine & Gearbox
    My '93 VW T4 1.9 800 special is slowly loosing oil and that's my first problem when going round corners after a month of putting new oil in the oil light starts coming on so it must be loosing quite a bit but there isn't masses of oil collecting under the van however there are a few drop here...
  4. cant quite decide on what to do in the van

    so its got to the stage now where im starting to look at putting lights in the back of my van and i cant quite decide which way to go :* i want LED's in the angled frame work between the side of the van and the roof, plug sockets to run the other half's electrical stuff and a tv and a split...
  5. Glow plugs/ Relay/ Fuse

    Hey all, Just a quick question im sure its somewhere on the forum but i havent managed to come across it yet. Vansee is giving me abit of grief atm, shes a 2.4d r reg, glow plug light is working, batterys all fine 12v 14.5 running etc, so no worries there. AA came out today and the easy...
  6. bad starting

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi. I have got a 2.5 130 t5 which is struggling to start after a few hours of the engine off. It had a new turbo fitted few months ago. It turns over but doesnt fire for a while then gives out lots of smoke. Had the plugs tested and it wasn't them. Have also been told it could be a build up of...