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ply lining

  1. does anyone have t4 CAD DXF ply lining files drawings please?

    Hi all, I have recently become the owner of a t4 800 special 1998 SWB with tailgate and passenger side sliding door. I'm looking to replace the ply lining in the back of it as it's not original and was done very roughly. Ideally I was wondering if anyone has dxf / CAD files for the original...
  2. Lining planning

    Hello all.. So i'm about to start the process of Silent coating the panels and prepping to carpet the interior. My van has factory supplied (and very flimsy) hardboard panels on the lower half of both front and rear areas. I would like to do something like the picture below with full side...
  3. free ply lining templates if anyone needs them

    I have a set of (gross, old) ply lining for a swb panel van which I took out and used as a template for my new panels. If anyone is in a similar position and wants it, you're welcome to come and get it! :) Im in Frome, Somerset. Also have a badly spray painted front bumper (03-09) if anyone...
  4. Ply panels templates and how much carpet?

    T5 Conversions
    Hi all, I am wanting to re-use the plywood that I removed from my van to create the lower sliding door section and the opposite side which will be below my windows (when they are installed), rear 3/4 sections and the small pillar sections. I don't like the idea of throwing all the wood that I...
  5. Single section ply floor/template FREE BEER & WINE

    Hi I hope you are all well and looking forward to the longer days. I need some pointing in the right direction. I have spent hrs looking on the internet for single section ply flooring (12mm). Only found one supplier (£200+VAT) that doesn't freight and I live away aways, I will drive there...
  6. Plyline UK - Kit

    New T5 Members Forum
    Hi All, Does anyone have experience with plylineUK? I am looking at buying a kit to fit out my VW T5 SWB. They seem to be the cheapest at £162 which includes 9mm floor, 6mm for the rest, including wheel boxes, and top/bottom sliding door. Anyone have any experience with them? Any...
  7. Ply liner for roof

    I have to replace the roof liners in my T5, would you recommend 3.5mm or 6mm ply as I have seen both thicknesses for sale on ebay. Any recommendations welcome as this is the last piece I need to purchase before I can get to work on replacing my campervan interior.
  8. T4 SWB ply lining kits

    T4 Conversions
    People, can you let me know best place to get a kit, which fits the VW holes.. ( Pre drilled ) Looking at 3.6mm - my van has 2 windows and a tailgate. Seen a few kits on Ebay, but seen a few reviews saying the kits dont fit well.. Anyone had one...
  9. Anyone carpet the floor to ceiling plylining of an ex-tradesman's van?

    T5 Conversions
    Hi Folks. Looking for some advice on carpeting my van please! I'm a newbie here, information so far has been great!. From what I've read there seems to be a couple of schools of thought out there on carpeting a T5 van, the main one being: 1. A Two Stage Approach: Carpet the metal work all down...
  10. Carpeting and Windows

    Hi We're looking to have our van ply-lined, carpeted and have two rear windows fitted - the windows don't need to open. Does anyone have any recommendations / prices for this work in Cornwall (preferably Truro and west)? Any recommendations appreciated T: Bill
  11. Best website to order ply lining kits??

    T4 Conversions
    Hey guys. Wanting some ply lining for the van but all the kits I've seen up to now are a full kit, does anyone know where I can get a kit from that won't include linings for where I'm wanting side windows (sliding door and behind driver). Also I've seen some floor ply linings on eBay for £75, I...
  12. newbie gone and bought a T4. tips and recommendations welcome!

    New T4 Members Forum
    Hi, So after not driving for a long time, saving all my hard earned crust, I splashed out on a van that I've wanted since I was about 16. (only 30 now but hey its nearly half a lifetime ago to me) Got a 2001 T4 SWB 1.9 td 800 special. My aim is to kit the back out as well as I can but allowing...
  13. Camper bits for sale T5 T4

    Parts For Sale
    3 way chest fridge 240v / 12v / gas ( originally a camping gaz clt175 ) wrapped in black vinyl works great ideal for Busfests etc ( stores and Cools loads of beer !!!! ) £75 pic available in my pictures JUST KAMPERS.COM rear side window Thermo blinds - suckers never fitted brand new £20 (for...
  14. T5 Floor + Ply Lining

    Parts For Sale
    I have removed the following ply lining from my van ready for conversion. This would suit anyone who uses their van to transport stuff. The wood is in good condition although scratched and marked a bit. It's all removed and ready to be collected. I would like £60 for the floor, both sides...
  15. Ply lining Caravelle floor - 12mm or 9mm?

    I've got a 2000 Caravelle and just about to rip up the carpet and ply line the floor.... Been recommended to use 12mm ply but am a bit worried ill struggle fitting everything under the plastics (Ill have a layer of metallic bubble wrap and altro vinyl on top). Is 12mm ok, or should I go with...
  16. ply lining for roof

    T5 Conversions
    Hi, Has anyone removed the normal roof liner and insulated it then just replaced it, or do you need to use ply lining for the roof too? I'm wondering whether I can go with the ply that's already in my van (sides and floor) then cover the lot with material. Thanks
  17. Problem with MegaVan clips.

    Can any one help please? I've been using the Megavan clips to fit 3.6mm ply panels. They looked like this:- Nice snail shaped spiral make them easy to fit. I use a 10mm hole in the panel and they work fine. But the last batch I bought look like this:- Just a ruff quadrant cut out. Can't...
  18. Help with my caravelle please!

    General T4 Chat
    Hi, Got my hands on a 1994 Caravelle SWB, my first VW. Im (very) slowly converting it, and would ideally like to ply line the sides and floor, has anyone got any tips about the ply lining? the plan was to simply line the bottom half, keeping the panels between the windows, is this even possible...
  19. Ply lining kombi style.... split panels!

    T4 Conversions
    Hi Guys, Great forum, so much information :) I am just starting out and trying to plan as much as possible before my first build. The first hurdle I've come across is sourcing a decent ply lining kit for my T4. I can only seem to find full length kits rather than the kombi style panels that...
  20. Ply lining HELP!

    hello all. got my t4 swb stripped out and was looking for some helpful tips regarding ply lining the back. The existing lining had been fiited quite badly however i may still be able to use it. anys tips on how to fit and fix it would be greatly appreciated. thanx m4tty