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  1. Vans For Sale
    2009 VW T5 Camper, 1.9 T28 TDi. 5-seater. White. 100,000 miles. Very economical and in good condition. Easy and reliable drive. Full service history. Professional and complete campervan conversion by Pop Top Roofs. Pop-top roof. Fiamma awning. Rock-and-roll bed. Sleeps 4. Carpeted interior and...
  2. Welcome to The VW T4 Forums
    Hi All Has anybody used a pop top insulation wrap? Do they do the job i.e. keep the top sleeping area warmer? Are there any downsides? Can they be kept on or do they need to be removed before putting the roof back down?T: Thanks
  3. General T5 Chat
    Does anyone have one of these? I'm looking at getting one so my van is more comfortable to use in winter. I'm curious to know how easy they are to manage in terms of putting on and taking off by one person. Also, are they secure in windy conditions? Thanks.
  4. T4 Conversions
    Hey guys, I just got myself a VOLKSWAGEN TRANSPORTER T4 CAMPER 2000. It has a pop top! But the back is completely empty with a lino flooring. I wanted to get it converted but i have no idea where to start. Looking for a cheap(ish) place in London that can do the conversion for me. Just...
  5. T4 Conversions
    Hello I've a T4 Caravelle, 2001 LWB and I want to convert the roof to a pop top. Can anyone recommend a place that they've used and were pleased with? Or offer me any advice or warnings about doing it? And I'm based in Brighton, so somewhere south would be easier of course, though if there's a...
  6. Bodywork & Exterior / Detailing & Valeting
    Have looked around the forum but cannot see a specific answer to my query so hoping someone can help. I want to carry a 16' Canadian Canoe, approx weight 33 kilos, on the roof of my 2.5 LWB Caravelle which has a pop-top fitted. The pop-top finishes approx 50cm from the rear of the van. The...
  7. T5 Conversions
    Hey folks! Leisure Hubs has done it yet again... We have kitted out our new van with an incredible pop-top roof that is far higher than a standard-type roof used in most T4 and T5 conversions! I have included an image so that you can see just how high this bad-boy really is! Head on over to...
1-7 of 8 Results