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  1. Porsche macan wheels on a t4???

    Wheels & Tyres
    Hey folks, We’re stepping back in time in our household. In addition to my t5, the good lady has upgraded from fiesta to a t4 camper! As rims and ride height make’th the van i’m Keen to get some new shoes for her. Porsche macan S 18” 8j rims? Load rating seems suitable, but et21, not et49? Is...
  2. 1992 2.5L Petrol Eurovan Caravelle GL for parts

    Scrapheap Challenge
    1992 2.5L Petrol Eurovan Caravelle GL The van is in beautiful shape and working order except a blinking coolant lamp. The coolant does not leak. I have been to 2 workshops. They couldn't find the problem and said that they would just continue to drive. And I drove all the way from Sweden and a...
  3. recolourig red leather porsche seats

    Just thought i'd let everyone know how my attempts to recolour a pair of grey leather porsche boxster seats has gone. My problems started when I ordered a burnt red leather RIB bed for my van then tried to match the colour of the leather with the front seats. It ended up not working out so I...
  4. Best seats for a T5 - Porsche? Mini? Anyone with experience please help

    Hi all! I'm at the stage of my conversion that I'm wanting to swap my front bench to 2 single seats and I know its the same old question but what's one of the easiest seats to mod for the T5 base and/or a swivel on the passenger side?? I previously had Saab seats in my T4 which were a bit of a...
  5. Porsche Cup Alloys

    Wheels & Tyres
    Right i need all of your expert advice as i'm looking at buying a set of Porsche Cup 'Style' Alloys for my T4 LWB. They are being sold as Porsche Cupp alloys but i think they're just copies as he has said they have a pcd of 114mm. All tyres are 225/50R16 92W and the rims are 16 X 7J and all...
  6. Porsche Tombstone Electrics

    Hi all, I have recently got hold of some sweet Porsche tombstone seats which i will hopefully be fitting at the weekend! :D what i was wondering is does anyone have any experience of installing these with the electrics working? i have had a look and there are two separate terminals underneath...
  7. Porsche Boxster Wheels

    Parts For Sale
    Hi all, My van has gone to be given a new life for the Help for Heroes campaign. I have a set of Porsche Boxster 17" wheels that have been on the van for sale. They have some minor kerbing and could do with a return but they clean up well. Two rear tyres are 235/45/17 and are less than...
  8. What porsche adapters would i need!?

    Wheels & Tyres
    :confused: Sorry guys, Can anyone help? Interested in these wheels! http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=320437102539&ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT#ht_500wt_1182 but aren't quite getting this adapter thing? What size adapter would i need for my T5? Got a link to any on ebay...
  9. Porsche Wheels - Will These Fit? Please Help!

    Wheels & Tyres
    A set of porsche cup wheels and tyres. l Type: Aluminium Tyre Width: 235 Rim Diameter: 17 inches Aspect Ratio: 45 Offset: -- Load Index: 97 Number of Studs: 5 4 x 17" porsche cup alloys whith tyres and the correct spacers for sale. They are currently on my T25 but I have now got some empi's...