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  1. Steering & Suspension
    Hi all, My first post so be gentle! I've just bought a 2006 T5 SWB 2.5 130 Shuttle which has a few bits that I need to sort out. The power steering makes a horrendous whine when turning at low speeds, it also has engine oil in the reservoir. I've had a trusted VAG specialist check it out as...
  2. Steering & Suspension
    Power steering pump leaking on T4 2.5tdi 2003, have to fill about 1l hydraulic fluid per week (even if the van is not driving). The leak is somewhere on the opposite side of the belt. Is it time for a new pump or should I check something else?
  3. Steering & Suspension
    Hi forum! Still struggling to find a PAS pump for a 1.9 D (not TD) 1996 T4. The old pump that broke and has come off it has the part number: 701422155B The garage say they can't get a replacement, it's obsolete and no new ones are being made. So they're looking for breakers with bits. Suits...
  4. Steering & Suspension
    Hi all On holiday in France this summer the belt on the power steering burnt up in shock of smoke. I fitted a replacement (stretching my language skills tres bien oui oui), but it went the same way - the pump had had it. I've taken it to my local garage now I'm back, and they're having...
  5. Wanted
    Desperate for a Power Steering Pump for my 1.9TD ABL, my one has finally packed up and managed to sheer off the pulley wheel, oops! :eek: I'm in Exeter so if anyone near has one i'll pop round with cash! Or if anyone else further afield can post it i'd be grateful? Please PM me if you can...
  6. Ireland For Sale Forum
    I have 1.9td, 2.0petrol power steering pump here, looking 35 euro for it. Thanks.
  7. General Van Chat
    Hi I have a sound on my transporter kombi 2.5 TDI, the garage has just told me that it might be the power steering pump. It is a sort of chuffing noise. The strange thing is that it stops completely when the engine is warm. It is going to be expensive to investigate and it may not even be a...
  8. Security
    hi im not sure where to post this but my tailgate latch has completely jammed up and stopped working and i need a new one. does anyone know where i can get one? or has anyone got one they'd like to sell me? thanks sam also im after a new power steering pump, i've been quoted £130 for a...
1-8 of 10 Results