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  1. Installed reversing camera and now the battery is going flat...help

    So I installed a "wireless" reversing camera the other day and now my battery is draining to the point where its not enough to start the Van in the mornings.... The reversing camera uses a transmitter and reciever. The transmitter is wired into the reversing light so only comes on with the van...
  2. Help: Power steering heavy when engine reaches temp?

    Steering & Suspension
    Hi everyone, I am new to the group and just thought I would share an issue with you in the hope that one of you may be able to offer a solution. I currently own a 2010 2.0TDi T28 and have recently been experiencing an anomaly where the steering gets increasingly heavier once the engine has...
  3. Low power low top speed

    General T4 Chat
    Hi all, I've been madly reading this site basically nonstop since I got the van - a 2003 t4 2.5tdi AJT. I do not really know the history of it and mainly bought it as it was a steal - 350k on the clock.... :) I have now replaced all filters and put 2 new (to me) alternators on (the original...
  4. Onboard Supply Module - DF Load Signal 01117

    Hi - please bear with me, I know this issue has been discussed elsewhere on this forum but I believe I have tried all the suggested solutions to date! Hope somebody may be able to shed some light as I know you guys thrive on a challenge. :) Background - Electrician by trade & using VCDS Light...
  5. Service/Repair St Albans - turbo/lack of power 2.5 ACV

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi All Looking for recommendations for a 'specialist' in St Albans area. We have a 1996/97 LHD T4 2.5 Tdi ACV with turbo/power problems. Engine starts and runs ok, but lacks power - struggles uphill, and doesn't feel like the turbo is working. Replaced MAF and 2 pin coolant sensor, checked...
  6. 1.9D loss of power

    Engine & Gearbox
    It's no secret that a 1.9D isn't the most powerful, however driving home from helping a friend doing some moving, my T4 has lost any sort of power. Pulling away from any lights/junction is mega slow and the accelerator pedal feels half down already and has no real high revs when fully...
  7. Fitting additional 12v power sockets in T5

    Hi Guys This is my first post in this great forum. I wanted to give something back in return for all the useful info you have provided since acquiring my T5 Transporter 2014 campervan a few weeks ago. One of the first things I wanted to do was address the problem of there only being one 12v...
  8. Powering a 15V Pico Projector in Van is it possible

    I am trying to get everything down to 12v to limit the need for 240v hook up. I tested my Pico M400 projector last night and it works with the Dandy Stereo which is a result. However I am looking to use my leisure battery if possible to power the Pico but the power supply and input voltage...
  9. power steering fluid loss - where to start

    Steering & Suspension
    Over the weekend I lost power steering fluid. Opened the reservoir and was full of bubbles, but after leaving it to settle the reservoir was empty. Driving caused a sort of vibrating whine noise especially on turning. I topped it up using about 250ml oil from halfords (they only had one type)...
  10. 1.9 t5 reduced power

    Engine & Gearbox
    I've read every thread I can on here and have tried to solve this myself but to no avail - yet. Van: 53 plate - 1.9 104 - remapped 3-4yrs ago. Until today (EGR black) no further mods. History: For the past 1-2yrs when driving in 5th at >70mph and more recently uphill in 3/4th the van goes into...
  11. Right Indicator stops engine!?

    Hi I'm Tom and I'm the owner of a 1.9 TDI T4. I bought the van around four months ago and have had a few issues to put right but non of them electrical so far. However, as of about two weeks ago when I indicate the engine completely cuts out. It doesn't happen every time, it is often when I fist...
  12. T5 174 power loss and PO299 fault code

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi there I'm at a complete loss with my van. (2007 2.5TDi 174BHP) The coil warning light appears when going up hills around 65-70mph.. Also when trying to exceed 75mph (on French toll roads) Every time it goes into limp mode and the PO299 fault code is registered. This clears with a...
  13. T5 174 Low power & PO299 fault code

    General T5 Technical
    Hi there I'm at a complete loss with my van. (2007 2.5TDi 174BHP) The coil warning light appears when going up hills around 65-70mph.. Also when trying to exceed 75mph (on French toll roads) Every time it goes into limp mode and the PO299 fault code is registered. This clears with a...
  14. 102 or 140

    T5 Conversions
    Hi All This is my first post, I have searched the forum for an answer to my question but was not able to find one. So here goes: I am looking to get a SWB T5 from 2010 onwards. I will then be getting a fairly standard conversion with a pop top. Ideally I was looking to get the 6speed 140bph...
  15. Major lack of power.

    Engine & Gearbox
    I've got a 1.9 turbo t4 800 with 218,000 miles on the clock. Over the past few years it's been gradually getting weaker, but since the winter has come along it's gone to a different level of weak. I’ve has a look at other posts on here that talk about losing power, but nothing quite matches...
  16. What engine, turbo gone? Vac pipe mystery, newbie please help.

    Engine & Gearbox
    I accidentally left the manual 'choke' lever out the other morning and after about 25 miles at 60mph pulling a 2 bike trailer she began to cough. Pulled over, realised my mistake and let her cool down for ten mins. Hasn't run right since, not wanting to start (interestingly when hot starts only...
  17. help is my dub dying

    Engine & Gearbox
    Can someone please help me my 1.9 t4 has become really slow and sluggish iv changed the diesel filter put in injection cleaner and even just put a k and n style fillter on (this is coming off makes no difference and sounds like a tank) iv got my foot down on a hill and is struggling in second...
  18. Please help - before I put a match to it!!

    Engine & Gearbox
    Can anyone please shed some light on this for me. I can't my my T4 to run at 100%. The van drives and pulls well but feels like its choked up in the low revs and seems to be at 80% of its power. Cannot hear the turbo whistle at all. VCDS shows up no faults what so ever. The symptoms are: A...
  19. Eberspacher power battery drain

    General Technical
    Hello, Does anybody know if the Eberspacher D2 when running in continuous mode uses power/juice from the battery or does it power itself once up to speed? Just thinking about camping with it on low blow all night without electric hook up. Ta.
  20. Solar charger!!!

    Is this any good, does anyone have one, and would it be enough to recharge/ top up the leisure battery.. Could it overcharge or damage your battery . There all the questions in one sentence!!! LOL: http://www.maplin.co.uk/13w-solar-briefcase-99760 I'm not great with electrics!!! Lol