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  1. Sportline tyre pressures ???

    Wheels & Tyres
    Hi, A very basic question this one, I've just fitted 18" Sportline wheels to my Caravelle. Tyre sizes 135/50 R18 xl Could anyone tell me correct tyre pressures please ? Colin.
  2. Bridgestone Dueler AT Pressures?

    Wheels & Tyres
    Can anyone help with tyre pressures please? I've got a T4 Syncro running 215/75/15 Bridgestone dueler's from the previous owner. I was told the pressures should be 32 psi but they always seem a little flat but I can't for the life of me find and decent info. I've searched around on here but...
  3. Tyre pressures on a T4

    General Van Chat
    We have just bought our first camper which is fantastic. However I cannot find any information about what the tyre pressures should be. We are running 225/40 x 18 tyres on a 2.5 TDI T4. Can anyone recommend what pressure we should use? Any help would be very gratefully received. Many thanks...
  4. Tyre pressures for my alloys??

    Wheels & Tyres
    Hey guys and gals! I just want to have a straw poll on what pressures people are running their modded Tyres and wheels at?? If there's a definitive way to calculate them, speak up!!! I've a t32, which has the easy life of a commute and camper. I've 20" scirocco replicas on with 255/35 Tyres. I...
  5. original tyre pressures

    Wheels & Tyres
    tyre pressures for "as standard" tyres on T4 vans :ILU: