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problem starting

  1. Driving along and pop!

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hello, wondering if anyone can help, I was driving along and heard a pop. Engine now won’t turn over and I was towed away. Can’t see oil just water and coolant. Pouring out. No hoses are dislodged, all I have is a video which I will try and attach.
  2. Just got my first van, a 2005 120k mile 2.5 t5 and having issues. any help really appreciated

    General T5 Chat
    Travelled 4 hours a few days ago to pick up the van. Got me halfway home and got a flashing coolant light and realised the coolant was leaking out from somewhere. I topped it up and it got me home but I wasnt able to find where it was leaking from, and it was a considerable amount ( a few inches...
  3. mechanics have no idea - it doesn't start

    LT & Crafter
    Hi everybody, I have an LT28, diesel 2.4 6 cilinders. I bought it faulty, knowing that it needed some engine work and knowing that the electrics were terrible. Now, after one month at the mechanic, I went to pick it up today and it worked fine: new starter motor (from previous owner), new...
  4. 2.5 TDI not starting when engine is warm mystery

    General Technical
    I have read a lot of threads in this topic and I guess this is a common problem. Background: After driving through a long and very hot day my transporter got this starting problem that only shows up when the engine has been properly warmed up by more than 30 min of driving. If I then turn it...
  5. Ignition /Instrument warning Issue- Panicked! Trip tonight

    A bit concerned, as I have finally booked my T4 petrol/LPG camper to get the roof working and redone..I'm in London and the nearest place that seemed good is in Devon, so thought may as well..tonight.but I have been having starting issue. Several times the van hasn't started recently, once...
  6. tdi conversion not revving HELP PLEASE

    Engine & Gearbox
    T:could anyone help me please my van has now been off the road for 6 months having a so called tdi conversion down at a garage which took 4 months just to say he couldn't fix but wouldn't admit it. so my problem is it just will not rev at all payed with the wires had it running for a bit then...
  7. Battery flat after couple of weeks

    Most of the time our T5 is parked up on the street - often goes for a couple of weeks, sometimes longer without being started. Typically when it comes to be used the battery is unable to start the engine. I have a spare battery and a charger so it's just a matter of swapping the battery over but...
  8. bad starting

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi. I have got a 2.5 130 t5 which is struggling to start after a few hours of the engine off. It had a new turbo fitted few months ago. It turns over but doesnt fire for a while then gives out lots of smoke. Had the plugs tested and it wasn't them. Have also been told it could be a build up of...