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propex heater
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  1. Electrical
    Been at it all day fitting the propex heater. Strip the under belly of van mark out for the heater. Move wast outlet. Drill treat and seal.new holes Got some heat mastic. Then decide where to put blowers and locate ducting, fitted 6 mts of ducting via wardrobe back of bed then new heat outlet...
  2. General Van Chat
    I have one of these heaters. It works great as in it heats the van as it should. The problem I have is with the thermostat. The whole unit is about 6/7 months old and only been used a handful of times. When the van reaches temperature it turns off. Great so far I hear you say... The van then...
  3. Just Kampers
    Exclusive offer for fellow VW Transporter enthusiasts - Add the luxury of central heating to your T4 or T5... Earlier this summer (what summer?) our Sales Manger and his family spent a week camping with their Van in Dorset. On their return home this family of hardy and seasoned campers weren't...
1-3 of 3 Results