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  1. identifying a hose

    General Technical
    Hi - hope someone can help. I'm trying to ID a hose in my T4 diesel caravel. Although I've applied a temp fix it needs replacing. But I can't find an identifying number. It's a twisty bit of hose with an internal diameter of 20mm. And one end runs into the disc-like component that feeds the two...
  2. Radiator fan (1) always on, AC not working (again)

    Hi guys, I have a bit of an issue with my T4. ACV, 1998, manual AC: the radiator fan starts immediately upon starting the engine (only 1 fan) and keeps running until I shut the engine down. The fuses are okay, what could the issue be? All ideas appreciated as I am in Senegal with the car now...
  3. Leaking pipes and coolant conundrum. :(

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hello! My T4 is losing water. It's gradually got worse so now I can lose the max to min level in about 200 miles (and I drive about 80 to and from work every day). Coolant seems to be coming out multiple pipes at the bottom of the engine near the thermostat and the radiator. I've...
  4. Afn lower radiator hose to vr6 radiator help needed

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hey I have a 97 lwb t4 originally it had a vr6 now it has a 1.9tdi afn It has an external oil cooler so the adapter plate above the oil filter makes the filter stick down quite a bit farther than stock. Does anyone know of a good lower radiator hose that I could use to get around the upgraded...
  5. what a job this has been!!!

    General T4 Chat
    Thought I'd firstly say thanks to everyone who has posted advice on here regarding overheating and how to solve it its been a great help! My 1993 2.4d t4 decided to overheat last week, managed to get it home, no fans working and no obvious water pipes leaking so I looked on here and pieced...
  6. Water loss

    General Technical
    Hi there. I have recently had a new head gasket fitted in my T4, the cylinder was skimmed and the cam belt refitted. Prior to that I had new pipes put in as there were some splits and we replaced the thermostat and the housing (for the sensors). For some reason the water in the cylinder tank...
  7. Radiator Grill Busted - what are my options?

    Bodywork & Exterior / Detailing & Valeting
    Our beloved 10-month-old T5 hit a pheasant the other day and now has a big hole in the radiator grill. What are my options for replacing it? The only ones I can see on ebay are pretty crappy and old. Are there any other VW models I can use the part from? Is there a common upgrade people do to...
  8. Overheating and dumping coolant :( HELP!

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi guys and girls When I was pushing a car onto the trailer today with the van engine running, there was a pop and a load of steam as it dumped all its coolant. It was there a good half hour before this so it wasn't instant but the radiator hadn't come on. The coolant leak was due to a hose...
  9. Radiator fans not working

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi all, My 1998 1.9TDI is overheating, the radiator fans don't work. When the engine temp rises, and I turn the engine off, a whirring noise can be heard coming from somewhere, i cant quite pinpoint it. I dont think it is coming from the fans though. The fans themselves are in no way turning or...
  10. radiator pipe that runs paralell to the radiator?

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hello there, i have spung a leak in the metal pipe that runs above the radiator on my T4 2.4 lwb. i think i can change the part myself but i dont know what its called and cant find any breakdown diagrams on the net. can anyone enlighten me? cheers rob.
  11. 760x360mm radiator & fans for Turbo/AC

    Parts For Sale
    Hi guys 2 tested and working T4 radiators, 760x360 type (TD, does not fit early 1.9 non turbo). First rad comes with full rear fan assembly. Looking for something round what I paid for it £40 each ono SE Cornwall/Plymouth area pickup/delivery available, just ask. 07513075006 or PM me T...
  12. New rads too high!

    General Technical
    Hi guys I just got a rad from what I thought was the same gen van and it doesn't fit! :eek: The one I need is 2 inches smaller on height, but works fine - problem is I just can't drive it as there's not enough clearance in the engine bay! The donor van was a TD - is this why, or is it to do...
  13. Rad needed 1.9, SE Cornwall/Plymouth

    General Technical
    HEY YOU GUYS! Anyone got a working rad for a 1.9 no aircon in the S E Cornwall or Plymouth area? Need to get one tomorrow if poss, cash waiting. Puh-leeze let me know, my pride and joy is suffering! Cheers dudes John
  14. Rad leak

    General Technical
    Hi guys My missus just got stranded with a blown radiator - the recovery guy said it might be fixable by soldering, its the top pipe or summat. I'm brassic, and my missus can't get to work without the van as she drives all over SE Cornwall cleaning. Any thoughts? Can a quick repair be done...
  15. URGENT - Bottom Rad Hose - URGENT

    As title. I need the hose that runs from the water pump to the radiator. It's foa a 1.9TD 1996 ABL engine. The main stealer wants £47, so does an after market supplier. There's nout on the bay and I'm desperate. The RAC repair lasted 11 miles. Does anyone have one or know of an easy fix /...
  16. Diagnosed lose of water but need radiator

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi all, After months of losing water I have finally found the fault...I think. The radiator certainly has a hole and leaking water when under pressure. I have a 1993 AAF 2.5 petrol (always at the pumps) Auto Caravelle, LWB if that helps :D. Questions: 1. Would any rad from any other year...