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radio cassette cd player

  1. T4 Radio Windscreen Arial

    Hi. When I got my T4 the Windscreen was cracked so I replaced it with a cheaper 'antennae-less' windscreen, and the radio guys installed a completely useless antennae that sticks to the windscreen. It has a little red LED that used to shine sometimes, but basically the radio reception is and i...
  2. VW BETA Radio Cassette & (seperate)Single CD Unit

    I have upgaded to a double DIN SatNav unit in my T5 (2003) so the original units I removed are up for grabs. VW "BETA" Radio Cassette - with code £ 15 + P&P. VW Single CD unit (can be connected to a multichanger if available) . With the plastic seperator. £25 + P&P. This will operate after...