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radio wiring

  1. T5 intercom?

    Hi peeps. I own a shuttle and when people are in the third row of seats they struggle to hear from the front. Has anyone gone down the route of a front to back intercom? Or a way to tap into the radio set up? I have an RNS 320. Anyone's experience and input would be greatly appreciated...
  2. Reversed wires

    Do I understand correctly that VW reversed the wire colours, and that my ignition and battery wires are in fact red and yellow respectively, and NOT yellow and red and my aftermarket stereo manual would have me believe? You see, I have just installed a new Alpine stereo, but can not get the...
  3. T4 Radio Windscreen Arial

    Hi. When I got my T4 the Windscreen was cracked so I replaced it with a cheaper 'antennae-less' windscreen, and the radio guys installed a completely useless antennae that sticks to the windscreen. It has a little red LED that used to shine sometimes, but basically the radio reception is and i...
  4. my stereo has no memory

    Fitted a DAB radio, works fine, but stereo has no memory once key is removed. Not the end of the world but annoying! From reading here apparently I need to swop the red and yellow wires round on the loom. Just had a look, and there is a red/blue wire and a red wire going into position5, with the...