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  1. VW RCD310DAB to CD Changer - Help required

    Hello folks Your most recent recruit here. I have a T5.1 2013 with an RCD310DAB fitted and working well. As I am very old I still have CD’s so bought a 6 Disc multi-changer from the eBays. It is a genuine VW unit (Panasonic) and has come With the under seat bracket and a 12 pin connector. In...
  2. Dash gauges jump and whirring on startup. Clock and odometer go to zero.

    Have an electrical fault that is baffling me. When I start up my 98 caravelle 2.5 TDI there is a whirring sound near dash, the fuel counter jumps up and down (then normalises), the clock goes back to zero, as does the odometer though both then work normally until the next time the van is...
  3. single din stereo recommendations

    General Van Chat
    i've been looking at upgrading the T4's radio setup without changing the dash. So i've been doing some research into single din's with a flip out screen. so far i've found these: Pioneer AVH-Z7100DAB https://www.pioneer-car.eu/eur/products/avh-z7100dab AVH-X7800BT...
  4. Stereo Fuse 2015 model

    Does anyone know which one of these is for the stereo? Didn't want to start pulling them all out and can't find a diagram in the handbook or online. Thanks
  5. T5 Radio Upgrade & Bluetooth Ideas

    General T5 Chat
    Hi all, New to the forum. We've just purchased a 2014 T5 Transporter for work and are looking for the best way to install bluetooth, satnav etc. In our current van, which is also a T5 we have the factory bluetooth and sat nav which works perfectly but in this new one it just comes with the...
  6. Free To Good Home North West)

    I have an A-Sure RNS510 Lookalike radio that you can have if you want to come and collect it. Perfectly serviceable, all connections and Sat Nav Aerial with it, it's about 18 months/2 year old. I've replaced it and is just sat in the garage. We're in East Lancashire, PM me if you're interested.
  7. No phone audio from VW T5.1 bluetooth radio

    Hi all, I'm trying to connect my phone to my bluetooth radio in my T5. Eventually the phone connects but when I try to play a song from my phone or make a call no audio comes though the van. Both the phones audio and the vans audio are on max volume. I've tried 3 different phones from android...
  8. New radio for 08 T5

    Hi Guys, I'm looking to replace the original head unit in my 2008 T5 with something that ideally has DAB, CD/DVD, Bluetooth and nav facility or the option to pair it with my iphone so the display appears on the head unit. I know there are some amazing units out there but my budget wont stretch...
  9. New radio struggle

    Evening Sorry to post yet another radio thread... Im already tired of reading through them. So basically I got myself a 08 T5 van in January and have been dreading changing the RCD200 ever since. Iv got a cheap n cheerful kenwood dab unit (dpx7000dab I think), and when testing earlier the...
  10. Rns 315

    RNS 315 For sale. Unit is as new no longer required. Built in Bluetooth, sat nav, £350
  11. T4 Factory original radio head set?

    Hello T4 owners, We've got a van! And I am making a list of things to replace / fit to how we want it. There are number of things so starting with... RADIO HEADSET It currently has Sony face-detachable CD radio thing and I never like after market radio. So I would like to get the VW original...
  12. XTRONS PF73MTV aftermarket stereo nightmare!

    Hi all, I've been a forum lurker for 's while now and after much research and advice decided to go for the XTRONS PF73MTV radio for our T5.1. All great until we were driving a 300ml trip when the electric light came on followed by the engine and now filter light and finally kicked into safe...
  13. Rns 510 for sale

    Genuine Vw Rns 510, Bluetooth module and wiring harness for sale.. £400
  14. Radio - adapt to go on with OR without key

    Built by Members for Members
    Don't you get annoyed when you are parked up and enjoying a wee cuppa (or glass :D) of something when sitting outside or maybe in the back and want to listen to the radio BUT ... you have to leave the keys in the ignition for the radio to work :( So maybe you try and mess around with the wiring...
  15. T5.1 T28 2012 SWB Conversion - Secondary Radio Aerial Installation...HELP!!!

    T5 Conversions
    Hi Guys, New to T5 forum, need some help. Me and the wife are converting our T5 panel van T28 2012 SWB to a camper. Currently insulated carpeted, 90% electrics in, ready to order Kitchen etc from Evomotion designs. I have purchased a stereo head unit so i can have a cd player in the rear...
  16. T5.1 Conversion - Rear Radio Aerial Installation HELP!!!

    Hi Guys, New to T5 forum, need some help. Me and the wife are converting our T5 panel van T28 2012 SWB to a camper. Currently insulated carpeted, 90% electrics in, ready to order Kitchen etc from Evomotion designs. I have purchased a stereo head unit so i can have a cd player in the rear...
  17. Radio flashes safe and then switch itself off

    Hello, The radio in my t30 flashes "safe" and then switches itself off. Any ideas? I was under the impression that if it was in safe mode it would ask me to input a code? Any hints would be good as i'm seriously losing the will to live without no music Cheers
  18. T5 2011 radio install

    Welcome to The VW T4 Forums
    Hi , I'm replacing the radio in my 2011 t5 for a pioneer avh-x3500dab , do I need a surround to fit the system or does just slide straight in ? I'll need a harness too ? There's loads of eBay but which one ? Thanks Carl
  19. Boring I know but stereo to leisure batt again!

    I am sorry for this, however I have managed to confuse myself so much by reading so many threads my head is spinning. :* Situation: I have just brought a Pioneer FH-X700BT for my 2008 T5, after a quick plugging in session late last night I was unable to turn the head unit off. It went into...
  20. Kenwood DPX405BT & Wiring

    Hi, I've just purchased the above radio along with the following wiring adapter: http://www.roadradio.com/wiring-fascia-adaptors/PC2-75-41/4548/ Questions: The manual says for VW's to cross over the red and yellow cables by swapping the connectors so that the red ignition cable goes to A-4 pin...