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  1. T5 Conversions
    Evening all. Does anyone know if you can buy adapters to go into the caravelle rails strong enough for a seat. Doesn't look like you can buy them from VW (probably cost a arm and a leg anyway) I have an idea for a build but this might stop me at the start šŸ¤£
  2. T5 Conversions
    I want to mount an original Cali awning rail on my T5.2 Multivan. Is there any difference between the left side rail (7H7 875 311) and right side rail (7H7 875 312). Are they interchangeable? Suppose not, since part part numbers differ. Anyone who has experience?
  3. Interior
    Anyone selling multiflex board rail fixings (part number 7H5885297B) or an similar alternative? I'm struggling to find any on the interweb. I have all the other bits i need to make a fork mount bike rack but can't get what i need to attach it to the caravelle rails. I could go to VW of course...
  4. Interior
    Can I spray the interior sliding door rail (near the ceiling) with regular spray paint? The bodywork is green and eventually i'll get the outside sprayed with a different colour, however Id rather not strip out all the interior carpeting/insulation ive already installed. The door rail is too...
  5. eBay Listings
    Selling unwanted unwin rail and seats with quick release clamps on Ebay. Kept four seats for my van but have 5 left over and lots of rail. Easy to remove seats from van so great when you need to use the van as a van. Could probably also be used to fix a bed in. item number 15184581058...
  6. T5 Conversions
    Hi Folks, I've got a SWB T5 with pop-top and Reimo awning rail. Drive-away tents are a faff for touring/weekends away, so i'm thinking about a wind-out awning (Fiamma F45 or equivalent). Does anyone know if it's possible to attach an awning (F45 or equivalent!), to an awning rail without...
  7. T5 Conversions
    Good Evening L&Gs, I have ordered some custom designed curtains online and have 3x1.5m rails (which I need to cut to size) The question I have for you all is regarding the positioning of them! The rail behind the cab is straight forward. No issues there. The rail for the window on the...
  8. Life Style
    Just campers awning rail suction mounting brackets, same as these: http://www.justkampers.com/awning-suction-clamps-mounting-brackets-pack-of-3-no-drilling-req.html Brand new in the box. Ā£25.00 + posting.
  9. Interior
    Hi all, I have a VW T5 which I want to do some work to. My first priority is fitting back seats however I need them to slide forward and back and to also clip in and out easily. Reading previous threads I knownpeople have used unwind-safety but I've called them and they weren't that helpfull -...
  10. T4 Conversions
    Hi we have got an 2002 ex aa van which has just been fitted with an austops pop top roof. We are thinking about getting an awning,so has anyone else out got this set up who could advise on which rail to get. From what i can see it would probably have to be the reimo unit.
  11. T5 Conversions
    Has anyone fitted a cheaper awning rail to a T5? There is one from funkyleisure.co.uk which only costs Ā£35! If so, are they any good? Seems to good to be true compared with drilling holes and spending Ā£200 on a reimo rail... Anybody got any gips as I have a drive-away awning I want to start...
  12. Interior
    Hi all. Bit new to all this. I have a set of Caravelle seat rails / tracks which I wish to fit to my T5 panel van.:eek: Got lot of questions! :confused:Any help would be great! How hard is it? How do I set them out? Could I do it my self? (I'm not bad at this type of stuff but this would be...
  13. T5 Conversions
    Help please! I have a Leisuredrive fitted elevating roof conversion with 2 hold down clips on the passenger side (Over the sliding door). I would like to fit an awning rail (Reimo or similar) but the 2 clips are in the way! Has anyone else overcome this issue? Perhaps by cutting the rail into 3...
1-13 of 13 Results