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  1. Engine & Gearbox
    I just heard back from my mechanic that I need new injectors, symptoms, were smoking, loss of power and noisy running when accelerating. :eek: If I get some new injectors, I was thinking of upgrading, possibly the ones by Rake It was my understanding that the previous owner upgraded the...
  2. Engine & Gearbox
    i have bought 5 injectors 028130201 from a 110bhp golf afn 1.9 tdi to replace my worn out standyne injectors in my 02 2.5 88bhp caravelle, can i assume i should get increased power as the golf made 110 on 4 injectors and i will be running 5
  3. General T4 Chat
    to 'howtospendallyourmoneyt4forum' on my last T4 a 1.9td I did the following: new fuel pump with boost enrichment intercooler stainless exhaust windows rear seats lowered approx £1500 but that is nothing compared to my 2.5tdi PP1 injectors remap intercooler rear seats sliding rear windows T5...
  4. Technical Articles
    How to Change your old injectors for Project Power Injectors can be found here - Project Power In Pictures This follows on from the Project Power Thread in my Signature and can be used for both the 88 and 102 TDI's. Thank you for looking. Ron.
  5. Engine & Gearbox
    Well I've finally gotten around to fitting my PP nozzles and, you know what?, they flippin' awesome. Why I fanny-ed around and waited so long I do not know but family life gets in the way sometimes. Previously I'd de-catted the exhaust & blanked off the EGR so my ACV 102hp long nose Caravelle...
1-5 of 5 Results