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  1. T5 Intermittently won't start (but turns over).

    Hi. I've had an intermittent fault with my 08 1.9 T5 for a while (I'm guessing its electrical so I've put it in this forum hope thats correct). Every now and then it just won't start. It turns over but no sign of firing. (glow light goes out as normal before turning over) Then usually after...
  2. Amateur gingerbread T4

    General T4 Chat
    Attempted to make the best kinda house outta gingerbread, one on wheels....
  3. Very UNIQUE Graphics

    Customising / Modding
    Some time ago i was approached by a forum member who asked me to apply some graphics to thier van. A couple of stripes were cut and applied over the whole vehicle, and some stripes down the sills. It transformed a white van into something a little different. A month or so later i was asked by...