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  1. Calliper/pad rattle t5.1

    I’ve got an issue with the calliper or pads rattling on my near side rear brake. I’m not sure if there’s too much float in the calliper or if the springs retaining the pad are not doing their job properly. video here for reference Any one had any experience with this problem? Thanks a lot.
  2. Rattling Fiamma F45S

    T5 Conversions
    I've had my T5 for 4 1/2 years, and it had a Fiamma F45S awning attached when I bought it. Until last summer it was silent when the van was on the move. No noise, rattle etc. Unfortunately last summer, when it was very hot, I left it rolled out on a camp site and while I was away there was a...
  3. Powe Steering Pump

    Steering & Suspension
    Hi, I have a very load rattle when on tick over which gets worse when the steering is on full lock, When revved there is no rattle. I suspect the power steering pump, any other thoughts? Being new to VW's I am looking for a bit of advice on if there are any good or bad makes to buy and...
  4. Rattling / knocking / cracking noise after H&R 40mm springs fitted

    Steering & Suspension
    Shortly after having 40mm H & R spring fitted a rattling /knocking / cracking noise started to be noticeable. It seems to be coming from around the area of the sliding door rear catch (it could be lower down). On rough roads it is does not seem to be there at all. It is noticeable only on...
  5. RIB Altair slider rattling

    General Van Chat
    Hi all, Have done a quick search but could't find much. I've got a RIB Altair slider in my LWB and cannot get it to stop squeaking/rattling! It's driving me mad, tried wedging various parts of it, had it up/down/fully forwards/backwards whilst driving but nothing seems to sort it. Purchased it...
  6. Rattly AXD

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hello :) I am the proud owner of a 2005 Transporter with an AXD 2.5l engine. Its done just over 200k of enjoyable miles. The thing is for a while now I have become ever more aware of the noise the engine makes when driving it, I can only describe it as a noise somewhere between diesel...
  7. Rattling Reimo Variotech 3000 bed

    T5 Conversions
    Hi all Have the Reimo Variotech 3000 bed fitted to our van, to start it was OK but has increasingly started to RATTLE!! I have adjusted the dampeners and these seem OK. The rattle seems to be coming from the backrest which seems to be rattling in it's locked position. Has anyone got any tips or...
  8. T5 Dashboard Removal To Resolve Squeak/Squeal/Rattle

    Hi all, I'm relatively new to the forum after purchasing a 53 plate T5 1.9 TDI SWB. I'm slowly working my way though several issues with the van that are driving me mental, one being a horrendous noise coming from the dashboard at the passenger side towards the windscreen. I've scoured the...
  9. Mystery T5 noise / rattle

    General T5 Technical
    Help/Advice please. My T5 has developed an annoying noise seeming to originate from under the drivers seat/floor pan. It only happens at speeds above 45mph. Reving the engine doesn't change the noise. It sounds like a light metallic 'ting,ching,ching,ting' noise. It's not a bearing/bush/DMF...
  10. Engine rattle (only when in gear)

    Engine & Gearbox
    Just picked up a 1992 t4 with 148k on the clock, engine is great all except for a small knocking/ clicking noise that increases with speed, however when i push my foot down on the clutch its almost stops completely. Any ideas on what might be casuing this, cheers steve
  11. Tinny Vibration at 2000 revs - driving me nuts!

    General Technical
    Hello, I've had my 1.9td since 2009, overall its been great. Ever since I've owned it though ,when accelerating away and going through 2000 revs, an annoying tinny rattle/vibration noise occurs. It does not seem to affect performance, or seem to be getting worse. I have checked all of the heat...
  12. Sliding Doors

    Bodywork & Exterior / Detailing & Valeting
    I have a T4 Caravelle 2001 LWB. And I'm having trouble with the sliding doors. On both the nearside and the offside, when I shut them it takes a good few goes to get them to close. The back end almost always 'bounces' back out and the interior light stays on. Sometimes I have to resort to...
  13. Rattle when stopping in 98 Caravelle

    Engine & Gearbox
    So I just got my first T4, 98 caravelle automatic, I'm in love, she drives great but when you stop, there is a nasty rattle coming from around the gearbox/exhaust. Don't think its happening other than after driving and coming to a stop. Sound like a weld has come loose, hoping it has nothing to...
  14. Rattle when stopping in 98 Caravelle

    So I just got my first T4, 98 caravelle automatic, I'm in love, she drives great but when you stop, there is a nasty rattle coming from around the gearbox/exhaust. Don't think its happening other than after driving and coming to a stop. Sound like a weld has come loose, hoping it has nothing to...
  15. Gearbox rattle and no fifth gear

    Engine & Gearbox
    I have a 93 t4 with 222000 miles. I was driving it yesterday and I heard a little crunch and then rattling, the van now has no fifth gear and rattles in all other gears. Sounds like the gearbox to me. Any advice or previous problems?? Cheers
  16. VIDEO: engine rattle / knock, trying to diagnose...

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi all, Searched many threads and tried to find an answer to this, but to no avail. Attached it a video link to a short clip that 'shows' my problem. When cold, there is a loud rattle/knock from the drivers side of the engine bay. The noise seems to disappear once the engine is up to...
  17. Argh..... Rattle!! Please Help.

    Right so i have had a metallic sounding rattle coming from the rear passenger wheel for a while. This can be heard inside the van and even louder from outside the van. Took it to the garage the other day and my mate said that all the bushings and shocks and springs are all fine, even took a look...
  18. Irritating rattle cured by brake change!

    Steering & Suspension
    Like many T4 owners I've been plagued with front end suspension rattles, and over the past couple of years I've fitten new ball joints, arb bushes, arb links, track rods etc, and gradually the van has got quieter. But there was still a persistent clunky rattle from 'somewhere down there' which I...
  19. How do I remove interior cab light?

    I have a really annoying rattle in the cab that stops when I hard press the interior light. I want to take it out so I can see if I can sound proof it and stop the rattle but I dont know how to take the light out. I just had a little go at it but started to think I was going to break something...
  20. Rattling/tapping sound

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi, Does anyone know what would cause a rattling sound from under the cab area? It rattles on idle then on a very low rev it taps and on higher revs its gone completely. Was thinking it had something to do with exhaust but im not too sure. Its a 98 1.9TD. Thanks