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  1. New T4 Members Forum
    Hiya, I have a lovely black T4 which is just turning 20 yrs old, and the time has come for her to get a new paint job. There are a few rust patches on the wheel arches, and some sod just dented the passenger door in a car park and did a runner! Can anyone recommend anywhere to get her prepped...
  2. Bodywork & Exterior / Detailing & Valeting
    Came outside to find some spineless little **** had decided my black T5 sportline required a go faster stripe down both sides. With there limited intelligence, they decided to put one on for me with a screw driver, nose to tail. Having spoke to my insurance company, after paying £450 for the...
  3. Customising / Modding
    Hello, I am getting my van re-sprayed for a damn good price, my only problem is where to source the primer, 2pac & lacquer. The guy who is spraying the van has asked me to get- 5 litres of primer 5 litres of 2pac base paint (LB9A CANDY WHITE) 3 litres of lacquer does this sound about right...
  4. Bodywork & Exterior / Detailing & Valeting
    Hello all, I have a new sliding door that I am looking to get sprayed in Tornado Red to match the rest of my van (had a slight accident with the first door I had!!). I am also looking to get a window fitted. Just wondering if anyone can recomend anyone/where around my area (Wiltshire) to ge...
  5. Customising / Modding
    Hey Guys I'm after some recommendations for somewhere to get my T4 resprayed, I also want some windows put in so somewhere that does both would be even better!! Your wise words will be much appreciated! Thanks
  6. Customising / Modding
    Has anyone got a full and comprehensive list of everything needed to re-spray their van ? I plan on doing mine soon, so just wanted to check what's needed. Also if anyone else has done theirs, where did they get thier paint etc from. Any help or advice would be welcome , thanks. :D
1-6 of 6 Results