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rear anti roll bar

  1. PSB polyurethane bushes
    Hi All, We thought we would show off a visual diagram of our PSB 717, PSB 719 and PSB 720 bushings and where they fit on the T5/T6. Check out our great polyurethane bushings for both the front of the T5/T6 Transporter! 10% discount available (For an extra 5% off, use promo code...
  2. Steering & Suspension
    Not got a rear ARB and want to know about fitting one? I had read a few guides and they say the hardest thing was the fitting of the 8mm hex rivnut in the rear arms. Well it was not it was actually one of the easiest parts. First you need to spot the mounting holes on the body for the...
  3. Steering & Suspension
    As below 92 Velle lowered original front ARB and torsion bars. Rear H&Rs Sachs HDs all round no high units but has a conversion and bed and often caries some weight and tows. I can get either of the two rear ARBs? Which would you go for?