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  1. Interior
    Hi All, I have recently bought a 2+1 2nd row seat to put into my T5 panel van but have not go any of the brackets, belts and bolts etc. Is there anyone who could please drop me a list of all of the parts I need (ie underbody reinforcing brackets, bezels, belt mounting parts etc) as well as...
  2. New T5 Members Forum
    Hi, Just got my first VW. A 140 SWB T5 Panel Van. Plan is to turn it into a bicycle carrying weekender / camping / general day van. Not looking for super posh, more interested in flexibility. I'd think I'd like to put a single seat on the near side by the rear sliding door. Not sure which...
  3. Interior
    Hi, I have a bench seat for the back which i want to fit. Seat belts? It has one seat belt working perfect but the other one would be on the pillar. Is this the best way to do it or is there a way of fitting to the chair like the one that is already there? Also any ideas the best way to secure...
1-3 of 3 Results