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  1. Interior
    Has anyone fitted this style of Recaro seat to their T4? They attach at the rear and awkwardly they don't have a flat base - any help welcome I'd actually got them for my A4 which is now going to be sold, so I thought I'd fit them to my T4 instead:D The ones I have are out of a B5 Audi RS4...
  2. Interior
    Hi just bought a pair of Recaro Style seats to fit in my T5:D:ILU: but I need some help, I don´t know how to fit the belt into the frame(base of the seat) :* If somebody has done this ore similar pleas help.
  3. eBay Listings
    My leather recaros from an Audi A8, full electric and heated. Was going to put them in my T4, but a change of plan means they are now surplus. 110820130681
  4. Parts For Sale
    sold**sold**sold**sold**sold**sold :) :)
1-4 of 4 Results