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  1. Reimo Pop Top - Strut Pops off

    T4 Conversions
    My T4 Reimo roof has been brilliant - until the hydraulic strut has started popping off the ball on one side. I've had it re-sited by my local garage 3 times now at £60 a pop, and think there must be something that needs replacing. Any one had any similar problems or know where I can go to get...
  2. Reimo roof bed lwb or swb ???

    T5 Conversions
    Hi guys, I have a lwb t5 with a reimo pop up roof. My question is should I buy a lwb or swb roof bed as I read somewhere that that the swb version goes up higher to give more head room. Many thanks Richard.
  3. Roof types?

    T5 Conversions
    Me again (sorry!) Has anyone experience with o'connors campers side roofs? Space looks fab but are side openers noisier? Heard ok reviews about austops.. Or would people recommend blowing most the budget on a reimo and taking longer to convert? Thanks :)
  4. Reimo 'teddy' roof bed fabric

    T4 Conversions
    Hi, just fitted a replacement bed board for my Reimo pop top out of exterior ply. All good, but would be better if it matched the existing Reimo boards - which have the grey fluffy fabric I think is called 'teddy' (cos it's cosy innit). Anyone know where I can track some down? Exhausted the...
  5. Reimo Variotech 3/4 bed crash tested excellent condition

    Parts For Sale
    For sale Reimo Variotech 3/4 bed seat Excellent condition Pictures to follow £425 Fits on Reimo rails
  6. Reimo swivel table mounting bracket

    Life Style
    Reimo swivel table mounting bracket I think (?) the pics explain it better than I can, but this is the big job that mounts most commonly onto the base of an R'n'R bed. It swivels in and out, and the table leg fits inside it. It is used, and has some scratches on it. New they cost a bundle...
  7. awning rail

    T4 Conversions
    Hi we have got an 2002 ex aa van which has just been fitted with an austops pop top roof. We are thinking about getting an awning,so has anyone else out got this set up who could advise on which rail to get. From what i can see it would probably have to be the reimo unit.
  8. Reimo slideable r&r bed

    New T5 Members Forum
    Hi completely new here so sorry if I am posting this in the wrong place.We are about to choose between a RIB bed or the more versatile REIMO for our T5.Got just one question for anyone who already has the REIMO option.We like the idea that the bed/seat slides forwards but is the mechanism as...
  9. Space under REIMO Rock n Roll bed for batteries?

    Alright? I want to install a bank of two batteries under my REIMO when I have it fitted, and want to know the size of the physical space available. What's the standard physical size of batteries to fit? Also, what kind of battery tray do I need?
  10. 2002 888 Special 4 berth camper

    What's it worth?
    So, after spending months searching for the right T4 panel van and then £000’s converting it, it looks like I might be relocating to Aus! :eek: I’ve looked into shipping it over but too be honest I can’t really justify the costs. So looks like I might be putting it up for sale. The question is...
  11. 1998 T4 LWB 2.4D 2-berth camper, variotech seat, £6250

    Vans For Sale
    VW T4 Transporter, LWB, 2.4D, with 2-berth camper conversion (done by Beckenhams motorcaravans). £6,250 Reimo Variotech rock & roll bed on rails - can be locked in several different positions for driving, giving a very flexible layout and huge load space (2 metres behind seat in forward...
  12. AWNING RAILS help needed!

    T5 Conversions
    Has anyone fitted a cheaper awning rail to a T5? There is one from funkyleisure.co.uk which only costs £35! If so, are they any good? Seems to good to be true compared with drilling holes and spending £200 on a reimo rail... Anybody got any gips as I have a drive-away awning I want to start...
  13. 1992 T4 Reimo Miami conversion - what's it worth?

    What's it worth?
    I'm close to upgrading my old T4 to a T5, and need the help of all you experts out there for a price guide..... It's an original Reimo miami conversion - really flexible layout - pop top, 4 berth, sliding variotech seat, captains chairs etc etc. 75,000 miles, so low for it's age. Good...
  14. Reimo Poptop

    General Technical
    Hi In 2005 I had a Reimo elevating roof with bed fitted to my 2000 T4 LWB, this was the first part in my conversion plans. I recently went away in the van and for the first time in a while had to use the elevating area for sleeping in. I have found that 3/4 of the roof lining has come away...
  15. Which awning and how to connect to a T4....

    T4 Conversions
    I have searched the forums and still don't know which way to go!! Just purchased a 96 Caravelle with Reimo roof. I am used to aircooled T2's with a gutter so was confused to find no gutter on the T4. I now know the options are an aftermarket rail, screwed/stuck to the roof or using guy ropes...
  16. My build: before and after

    General T4 Chat
    Hi guys, a few pics of my transformed panel van H:. Also just wanted to say a big thanks to all of you who provided invaluable advice and parts with a special thanks to: - Arthur & Baz @ Mad Workshop for the roof & windows - Jason for the colour coding - Simon & John @ Individual Campers...
  17. Black 2001 2.5TDi LWB with Reimo roof*sold*

    Vans For Sale
    Mrs MadMike says it needs a kitchen etc. I was quite happy with the longboard in the back and a bed in the top! :) I’m not going to get around to all that so we’ve decided it’s time for my lovely surf-van to go. It’s a 90% finished camper project. It’s a sound, well maintained van and I’ve...