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  1. Fuel Relay T5

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    Hi So my VW T5 2.5TDI has a problem where it starts okay and runs great until a few miles where the engine shudders a little and then when I get to a junction and slow down, the engine cuts out completely. It then takes a number of times to restart, but when it starts, it runs fine again until...
  2. Searching for a replacement relay

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    Hi, im new here, perhaps someone can help me out. Im looking for a replacement relay for what i imagine is the split charge system in my T4. The leisure battery no longer charges and a fuse has not blown. The glow plug relay recently died so im wondering if i need to replace the relay, i can...
  3. Leisure battery underseat install - what do I need?

    Can anyone tell me everything i need to achieve the following: I'd like to have a leisure battery under the driver's seat (which I'd later get a swivel plate installed onto). I'd like to have a fascia panel facing the back with a 3-pin uk plug socket, usb port, and maybe a digital volt...
  4. Voltage Sensor Relay OR Split Charge Relay?

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    I'm so confused as to what I need to charge my leisure battery from my starter battery. I've researched this for hours and am almost certain I can buy either one of these things however I would love some clarity. I have a VW t5 2005 Diesel engine and a recently purchased 110Ah deep cycling...
  5. Central Locking Relays

    I'm trying to get my central locking working. My van has the central locking relays fitted but I cannot get them to fire off with the remote. I took the door cards off and the relays seem to move when I push the rod manually so not jammed up. All the cabling seems to be connected correctly...
  6. Split charger relay

    My leisure battery isn't charging as it normally should. I have checked all fuses and none are blown. Can anyone identify the two relays in the photo. I'm not sure if either of them are the split charger relay. (The box on the farright with the knurled screw is a fuse box.)
  7. Wiper relay

    Hi guys, I'm back in the world of transporters 5 years after selling my T4 I've now got a T5 shuttle as a camper project. The wiper relay is faulty, I've got a new relay but don't know where it goes! Any help would be appreciated. Ta muchly :-)
  8. T5 Transporter Relay and fuse diagram

    Hi Can anyone show me an image of what all the fuses and relays do in the T5 174 please? I believe there's a group of relays under the battery under the engine bay, and also under the passenger seat. Cheers, James
  9. Split Charge Relay kit from XtremeVans

    Hey all, Haven't posted in a while since I've been happily taking in Europe for near on 3 years since my conversion was completed nearly 3 years ago. Here's the silly part - I bought a split charge relay kit, complete with battery charger from Xtremevans back then, and I still haven't got...
  10. Ticking Relay

    Hello. I have a (yet another) fault with my 2005 van. This time its a relay or something that has started to tick randomly. It sounds like its comming from around the headlight switch area. The thing is: 1. It only ticks when the van is moving (which makes me think it might be a connection or...
  11. Hazards not working 1996 t4 westfalia

    Hi I have recently purchased a 1996 t4 westfalia and only just noticed the hazards do not work. The indicators work fine when the switch is in as soon as you push the switch to activate the hazards the indicators stop working and the hazards do not come on. Any sugestions would be helpful or a...
  12. T5 Relay for indicator

    Hi I have recently bought a T5 which has been upgraded on the front and fitted with Xenon headlights. Only issue I'm having is when using indicators you lose one of the main lamps and it indicates far to fast. Can anyone recommend where to get a relay as I'm struggling to find one! Thanks T:
  13. Voltage Sensitive Relay - problems/help needed

    I've just installed my split charge system using a Durite Voltage Sensitive Relay, which I'm familiar with having used them in the same way in the split charge systems on my landrovers. I'm having issues in that the VSR is not working, despite being wired correctly with positive from starter...
  14. Fuel Pump Relay Problem - T4 2.0 Petrol AAC

    Hi there, My 2.0 Petrol AAC T4 got towed home by the AA man last week. The fuel pump wasn't pumping. I have had the pump out and it works fine. The Relay however does switch when the key is turned to ignition then after 2 seconds the relay switches off. There is voltage to the pump for 2 seconds...
  15. Victron Inverters, Battery Chargers, Solar Panel Kits & more

    Parts, Tuning & Styling
    Victron Products Now In Stock at 12 Volt Planet We're now able to supply the full range of high quality Victron power management products including pure sine wave inverters, multi-stage battery chargers, solar charge controllers (PWM and MPPT), solar panels and kits, voltage sensitive relays...
  16. '03 2.5TDI Indicators Not Working, Passat Hazard Switch

    Hi all, got a specific problem with my indicators - yesterday my indicators started playing up, they would stop flashing and ticking before the steering wheel turned to cancel them and sometimes not come on at all (no light or sound). Now when I turn them on they only flash and tick once then...
  17. Syncro aircon

    Hi, I am working on getting the air con sorted on my T4 Syncro and need to track down the following parts... J32 (140) Clutch Relay J365 (147) Shut off Relay F163 Thermo switch Any help here gratefully received... Many thanks Nick
  18. Starter motor

    Hi folks, I have a problem and not too sure whats causing the issue. A couple of weeks ago the following happened: I would turn the key in my ignition, it was sort of struggling to start on the first turn. But would start on the second turn, then all of a sudden, I've had nothing for the past...
  19. IMO SRNH70 70Amp Split Charge Relay

    Has anyone had any experience with one of the following relays for the provision of split charge to the leisure battery? IMO SRNH70 70Amp Split Charge Relay. https://www.flickr.com/gp/propperbo66/Ve4398 I've been buying a load of gear to upgrade my T4 to a more beefy spec for longs days /...
  20. Hazard relay part number

    A Quick question: I need to order a Hazard/indicator relay for my 1999 t4 tdi 2.5 diesel. I can't seem to find a part number. Anyone please?