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  1. Electrical
    Today my central locking has stopped responding to the key fob, any suggestions would be much appreciated. Turning the key in the lock still operates the central locking fine, all the doors lock/unlock and the red light on the drivers door flashes when locked. I've read about the wiring...
  2. Electrical
    I have a weird issue with my remote central locking on my 2007 T5. If I press the lock key on the remote ONCE all is good and all doors are locked. If I then press it again, all doors stay locked (as you would expect) but the passenger side door UNLOCKS! Been away in France recently and did find...
  3. Electrical
    RCD200 has poo sound but, in my old age, I like the OEM look and feel and I'm not an ICE nut (anymore) so I want to run an amp from the stock head unit. Inputs I can sort but need to figure out whether any of the pins act just like a remote pin. Has anybody done any fettling??
  4. Electrical
    I was at local meet near me a couple of months ago and noticed a T4 that had a remote auto opening side door. Does anyone have one of these installed on a T5, I would very much like one for my conversion.
  5. Security
    I am just about to buy a VW T4 and I dont think it has central locking, its a 2001 800 Special 1.9TD. Does anybody know if these vans come with central locking? If they dont come with central locking is it easy enough to fit central locking to it as it seems like such a hassle not having...
  6. Electrical
    Excuse what might seem to be a dumb question but being a bit long in the tooth I'm a bit behind in 'in car entertainment' terms. When I were a lad we used to do other things in the back of motors than listen to music..... I'm about to fit some additional speakers in the back of the van and I...
1-6 of 7 Results