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  1. Bodywork & Exterior / Detailing & Valeting
    Hey I'm looking to buy my first T4, so I don't have much experience yet. I found a Caravelle I like, but the seller sent me these pictures of the wheel arches. It seems like too much work for me and I'm keen on staying a few miles away from this one, but I'm wondering: Is it possible to...
  2. Interior
    Hi, Recently bought a T5 which has a Motexion bulkhead already installed behind the front seats - I'm planing to convert so would like to remove it, however I can't for the life of me see how it's fitted. I've taken the passenger seats out to have a look behind and see what's what but I'm...
  3. Engine & Gearbox
    Hello everyone, I started dismantling the T4 before it dawned upon me that it could possibly take more than one day to get the oil sump off, re-gasket it and put it back on. And here I sit on the end of my 3rd day, and wish in one way that I spent the money and let someone professional do this...
  4. Interior
    I have used the search function and can't seem to find the answer on here or anywhere else so hoping someone can help as this must have been done. So I've taken a few dash and door parts down to Dan at DRL Hydrographics today as I'm going for the carbon look. However I'd like to get the glove...
  5. Engine & Gearbox
    Hello Folks, I'm about to remove the engine and gearbox from my 2010 T5 Multivan as i need to change the output shaft in the DGS gearbox. Is there anyone here who has done such a job and that can provide useful tips and tricks? When the engine is on the ground i will change timing belt as...
  6. Interior
    Hi. I have been able to find any info anywhere on hhow to remove the headliner from the cab in 8 seat T5 kombi:* I get all the rest free, buut somehow the sunroof opening is fastened the the roof. Does Anyone know how to safely get this off? Thanks:)
  7. Engine & Gearbox
    Does the metal water pipe into the block just pull out (when the the two screws are removed)? The screwdriver is pointing to the stubborn pipe. It'll wiggle, and I can twist it, but it wont pull.
  8. Engine & Gearbox
    Hi all, Can the exhaust manifold actually be removed leaving the turbo/exhaust in place? All the manifold removal threads I've read involve turbo removal, but no one explains why, unless, of course it's because they are swapping the turbo/replacing the turbo oil gasket as well. I can see the...
  9. Bodywork & Exterior / Detailing & Valeting
    Hey everyone, So around the bottom of the windows on my barn doors I've got a decent amount of rust popping up. I tried treating it before but it came back pretty quickly. Obviously around the window it's hard to get right in there when sanding, so I guess that's why the rust came back so...
  10. General T5 Technical
    Hi, Can anyone advise how I remove the rear bumper on a 2013 T5 with bar doors? Struggling to find an idiot proof explanation or video. Thanks Jimnibob
  11. Interior
    Just purchased my first campervan (T5.1 2010) which has been "converted" so I now want to start to bring up to what I wanted. I want to remove the side panels and roof panels to add sound proofing and insulation as well as electrics for fridge, lights etc. but the Veltrim has been done in such...
  12. T4 Syncro Garage
    Probably easy enough but I don't want to break any clips/tabs. Are there any clear instructions on removing the rear bumper on a 2001 T4 Syncro LWB?
  13. Interior
    Does anyone know if the glovebox door can be removed from the the glovebox its self? I thought I'd found a threat explaining it but it turned out to be for a T4.
  14. T5 Conversions
    Hi out there, can anyone tell me how to remove the passenger doorstep. Is it just like the sliding door step? Just give it a big pull and it comes out?
  15. Interior
    Hi all, I'm relatively new to the forum after purchasing a 53 plate T5 1.9 TDI SWB. I'm slowly working my way though several issues with the van that are driving me mental, one being a horrendous noise coming from the dashboard at the passenger side towards the windscreen. I've scoured the...
  16. Electrical
    My van had a tachograph fitted and the dealer I bought from unplugged and removed it, however this caused the milage and trip milage to star out. He had to plug it back in and hide it under the glovebox. This morning with the help of a friend with VCDS we figured it out and it is straight...
  17. Electrical
    Hi can anyone tell me if it’s possible to remove and replace the plastic impeller in the internal front heater fan on the T5. I have the unit off but cannot spot how to it off the motor shaft
  18. Electrical
    Hi all, Can anyone advise me please. If I disconnect the wiring under my front seats (T5) Do I have to disconnect the battery first? I'm about to attempt the removal of that dreaded bulkhead fixing on the floor and every thread I've read says, remove front seats to create more working space...
  19. Services, Repairs & Maintenance
    TVS based in Tamworth, Staffordshire are specialised in VW Audi Group (VAG). From main dealer level servicing to FULL mechanical repairs. TVS are a leading agent in the West Midlands & Staffordshire for Pendle Performance Remapping. TVS OCTOBER OFFER - Check Up on your vehicle @ £39.99 We...
  20. Interior
    Hi I have a long wheel base shuttle, how do I remove the rear interior quarter panels without damaging the panel? Are the circular clips removable/expendable?
1-20 of 33 Results