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  1. Rock and roll bed brackets/ hinge

    T5 Conversions
    Hi there. Does anybody know where I can purchase some brackets similar (ideally the same) as the ones on the attached photos? The left hinge is not catching and the right hinge is jammed open. I have tried to fix them but haven't had any joy. They look simple to remove from the sub-frame and...
  2. identifying a hose

    General Technical
    Hi - hope someone can help. I'm trying to ID a hose in my T4 diesel caravel. Although I've applied a temp fix it needs replacing. But I can't find an identifying number. It's a twisty bit of hose with an internal diameter of 20mm. And one end runs into the disc-like component that feeds the two...
  3. Front Brake Hose Replacement Advice

    'Evening All, Failed my MOT and amongst the list of jobs to do is replacement of the front brake hoses. They are the original pipes, 13 years old and and live in a hard place so probably need a fresh set. Is there any tips tricks of special tools required? I have read here that, when bleeding...
  4. Changing front to rear brake pipes

    I have an MOT advisory on both rear left and right brake pipes corroded. Had a look underneath and it?s the pipes that go from the inner flexible hoses towards the front over the full tank. Went to TPS to get a price for the bits and they gave me a printout with all the pipes on, the two pipes...
  5. Bumper replacement - Wiltshire / Swindon area

    General T4 Chat
    Hi All, Wondering if anyone has any recommendations for somewhere/someone that could replace the bumpers on my 2000 T4. Ideally looking for somewhere local to Swindon (within about 30 miles). Also there are a few rust patches just starting to appear that I'd like nipped in the bud - similar...
  6. T4 1.9TD engine blown....need help (total newbie!)

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi all, wonder if anyone can help...my 1.9TD (ABL) engine blew up with 'Turbo run'(?) last week. The engine is wrecked, so I am after some help with either engine replacement or engine conversion. I am able to do the replacement but would need to pay someone to do the conversion I think. I am in...
  7. Crankshaft Damper Bottom Pulley mystery?

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi, does anyone know where I can locate a replacement crankshaft damper bottom pulley or equivalent for my 2.5i 1996 caravelle (ACU petrol engine). I've been advised it now needs replacing by my local mechanic. The VW ID is 074 105 243 D - I've been quoted £400 from the local VW dealer (eek!)...
  8. LHD Driver's seat for passenger

    Does anyone know if it is possible to obtain and fit a drivers seat from a LHD T5, as a replacement for a Double passanger seat in a RHD T5?:*
  9. WATER PUMP failed HELP

    Engine & Gearbox
    The water pump on my 1997 T4 2.5 TDI LHD Multivan has failed, and a couple of hoses damaged by oil. First a slight dip in water reservoir, then suddenly all the water drains in a steady stream, so I am stranded except to limp to somewhere for a replacement. Back home in England my very reliable...
  10. Glove Box Options

    Hey guys, I've recently acquired my first T5 (whoop whoop!) which I'm in the process of doing up; and like many posts I've read on the forum I've got a glove box that has a busted catch, no lock, the bits that actually hold it in place are no longer connected to anything so you have to just pull...
  11. T5 2.5 Tdi Turbo Replacement?

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi folks, I have recently had the camshaft/bearings and water pump replaced (common problems) on my T5 transporter, it cost me $3,300.00 AU in the end to get it all done by a European vehicle specialist. Whilst performing this work the mechanic found that the turbo exhaust gaskets are leaking...
  12. T4 Replacement Door Cards

    Been looking for ages for replacement door cards for my T4. Do they ever come up second hand or do any of the usual suspects online stores like VWherit sell them that I am missing on their catalogues? Am I destined to be stuck with the ones I have with somebody's phone number scraped into it...
  13. Brand new in box genuine VW T4 aerial

    Parts For Sale
    Sold and gone thanks all !
  14. Fuse box replacement

    Hiya guys I have a bit of a problem.. Came out today started my 2.5 2007 shuttle and noticed my phone was a bit low on battery so plugged my charger in and noticed a slight shudder from the whole bus.. Interior lights flickered dash dimmed engine sounded like it skipped a beat. When I...
  15. Engine + Gearbox swap from CAAA to CUAA. Possible?

    Engine & Gearbox
    Hi everyboby. Got some thoughts about engine swap. Does anybody heard about such case? Which TDI VAG's engines are compatible with Caravelle 5.1 (2010)? Thank you.
  16. Air Cabin (interior) Filter (pollen) T4 1.9TD 1994 ABL REPLACEMENT: How to locate it?

    Hallo T4 Addicted, I am addicted to good air, I am trying to find the location of where my air cabin filter is located in order to change it, I have done deep online research but the spots where they indicate on various online tutorials are not matching with my Multivan. My VW T4 Multivan was...
  17. t4 Heater Fan Replacement ?

    Who replaced the heater fan on t4 ? i need to do this job soon. Its getting cold. is there a guide some where on here ? i done a search but it removes the word fan lol
  18. RCD 200 to RCD 510

    Hi Guys, Just grabbed myself a chunky 2.5 litre 2007 T5 BEAST! BUT I need to upgrade the radio. Is it possible to upgrade from the current RCD200 to the RCD510? If not, what upgrades can fit? Many thanks, Jimmyabbo!
  19. ***NEW T5 Owner, what the best ENGINE OIL?***

    New T5 Members Forum
    Hi Guys, just grabbed my new T5 and want to change the oil/filters. Want a reasonable oil, but not formula 1! Whats the best option? Cheers guys, I look forward to T5ing around this forum!
  20. Has anyone taken a bonded window out of their old sliding door in tact?

    Bodywork & Exterior / Detailing & Valeting
    Hi all I am looking at replacing my sliding door, which currently has a window bonded in. If I get a door without a window does anybody know if it is possible to remove the window from my old and get it installed in my new one. If so does anybody round Bedfordshire/Hertfordshire do this?