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  1. T4 Red Caravelle LWB 2.0 LTR 1992 £1,000 *now £600*

    Vans For Sale
    Red VW T4 Caravelle LWB 7-seater hatchback 2.0 LTR petrol 5 speed manual 210,000 miles no MOT (SORN) 1992 J REG 28 years old. VW Passat alloy wheels. Tow bar. Non-starter at this time due to being stood for 18 months. Ideal for conversion or restoration project. South Birmingham. £1,000 ONO...
  2. Rust in C post - how am I going to tackle this?

    Bodywork & Exterior / Detailing & Valeting
    I've been lurking here for years and for the most part have found any answers I needed by searching the forum, but I haven't been able to find anything on this. I've had my T4 for a decade or so, converted it myself to a camper and had the best times in it. Now I have a daughter I wanted to...
  3. Kleine Maus - the unexpected T4 purchase

    T4 Syncro Garage
    Today I had an unexpected visit from a local chappy. I saw him outside eyeing up my T3 Syncro camper as he got out of his white T4 panel van. A little curious I waited but then the knock on the door led me to venture outside. He introduced himself and asked if I knew anyhing about T4 Syncro...
  4. help protecting sills

    General Van Chat
    Does anyone know of a brand or type of DIY spray paint that thickly undercoats / primes lower sills and it remains slightly plastic. I'm removing some rust patches on my sills and i'm removing some heavy slightly flexible stuff so I assume i should replace it to give sills a bit more wear...
  5. Elevating roof canvas

    General Van Chat
    Thinking caps on, Can anyone suggest where I could get the canvas roof of my 94 T4 Westy replaced? Ideally I would like to find someone to make and install, however if necessary I could get one imported from Germany, but would still need someone to fit it. And before anyone suggests it, No I...
  6. Waxoyl - is it worth doing?

    General Technical
    As it says. My car is booked in to be Waxoyled next weekend as it has a little bit of surface corrosion starting underneath in the subframe, then I was going to do the same for the van. But I wondered how effective Waxoyl is? :confused:
  7. Scabby Arches

    The Pub
    No not some wierd fungal foot disease but rust. The arches and some other bits are going a tad scabby and need to be re painted. There are a couple of dings which could do with being knocked out as well, nothing major. Any one had this kind of work done and what sort of money did it cost. Was...
  8. Rustoleum paint?

    Customising / Modding
    I've been seeing good things from the aircooled sites about vehicles painted with rustoleum paint WITH A ROLLER! It looks like you can paint a whole van for well under a hundred quid.:confused: I have to say i'm tempted. i believe the VW action 2008 best beetle prize went to one painted in this...
  9. Por-15

    The Pub
    Anyone used this rust preventative paint before and how good is it?
  10. Photo Guide to change you Side Mirror

    VW Warranty / Technical Articles
    My mirror before: I bought a new convexed mirror glass and fitted it like so..... Stuck my fingures in the top and popped the old one out. Popped the new one in. Push in the centre so that the miror isnt being bent (may break), it takes a bit of force. Can Moderators put this somewhere...
  11. How to put the bottom roller set into the side sliding door.

    VW Warranty / Technical Articles
    I bought a new slidding roller set off ebay. Took me a while to see how the rollers go in without forcing!!!! you unscrew the metal thingy from the right of the step. and the you will have a hole to slot the new wheels into then screw the metal thingy back into place!!