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rev counter
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  1. General Van Chat
    Hi Guys, I have a 2001 T4 1.9 it seems to rev pretty high, when sat at 70mph or just over the rev counter seems to sit at 3500. That seems high to me, or is that normal? Cheers 👍
  2. Electrical
    The lights on my speedo and rev counter needles are out. All other lights in instrument cluster are working as they should.Anyone had this problem ? My van is a 2002 t4 2.5 tdi. I was thinking maybe the led's have blown but both at the same time is unlikely or maybe not. :*
  3. Electrical
    [YOUTUBEhttps://youtu.be/ZGr3iYRF3dEYOUTUBE] Hi, can anyone help me with this, it's doing my head in and I really don't need this at the moment. See the YouTube clip. Alternator is cutting in and out, rev counter is turning on and off in time. Alternator and battery are recently new. I...
  4. Engine & Gearbox
    Hi Everyone, I usually only have to read the forum, and learn, and search and find my answer is already there. So firstly a really big thank you to anyone who ever posted anything useful that I have read. But today I have a problem I cant find the answer to: My van is a 1.9 tdi conversion -...
  5. Wanted
    After a T4 cluster with rev counter for my 1.9tdi conversion as the one I have at the m only has a speedometer and large analogue clock. If anybody has one for sale please PM me. thx D
  6. Electrical
    Hi I have been given a brand new digital rev counter, but not sure how to connect it up so that it will work in my 1.9 non turbo diesel 1995 T4. Can anyone help? Cheers KenT4
  7. Parts For Sale
    Have a set of clocks from a passat TD that will fit a t4 non tdi , ie 1.9d , 1.9td or 2.4d , these are the analogue mileage ones , ie cable driven Check Penbryns clocks post Looking for 45 posted
  8. Engine & Gearbox
    I've recently fitted a new (used) engine to my T4, it has good oil pressure, (60Psi) tested with a gauge. But i have a flashing oil pressure warning light and a chime when it first comes on. I thought it was just the sender so replaced it but still nothing. When i fitted the new engine it...
  9. Engine & Gearbox
    Hi, does anyone know where i can get hold of electrical connectors like the OEM ones found on the engine loom? to be more specific im after the single pinned one that goes to the alternator (rev counter connection) on a bosch alternator not the square one for the valeo alternator, all help is...
  10. Electrical
    Hi I’ve had my 1999 T4 1.9TD SWB for 6 yrs. She’s absolutely bog standard, just as she came out of the factory and has no modifications of any kind… She’s done 250k miles of which 100k has been done by me and still runs like a dream. Anyhow, I’ve just noticed today that the LED clock and...
  11. Interior
    Any help Please. Fuel gauge, rev counter etc have all died. Only thing working is speedometer. Have been quoted £600 plus. How do I get it working again or where can I get reasonable price fix for 1991 diesel T4 swb please
  12. Electrical
    Hi people, HELPPPPPP!!!!!! Ive just bought a 1999 v reg t4 1.9tdi 800 special, with blue clocks, the rev counter is bouncing all over & the oil pressure light is beeping & flashing at me. Under closer inspection ive noticed the wire from the oil pressure switch on top of the oil filter is...
  13. Electrical
    Hi guys, so....my rev counter is dead and my oil pressure light is on (V reg 2.5 tdi T4)....common to a lot of people, it has been a problem for about 3 years now, however i havent managed to fix it, (mainly due to being sent to Afghanistan twice, Iraq, 2 kids etc etc), i have just got back from...
  14. General Van Chat
    I have a W reg T4 - Wonder if anyone's had this problem. This week, my oil light started flashing, checked oil level and it's fine. At the same time, the rev counter's stopped working, so am presuming this is something electrical. I've got a workshop manual, and the oil pressure and rev...
  15. Electrical
    wonder if there any auto electricians, problem started friday, i think alternator had it, oil light flashing, and eractic revcounter on friday, still got oil light on, good oil pressure though, the rev counter shows nothing till high revs, but the battery is not charging, makes me think the...
1-15 of 15 Results