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rib bed altair
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  1. T5 Conversions
    Scopema RIB rock and roll bed 112cm need help finding pattern for upholstery Need help to find pattern so i can finish of my back seats. the upholstery service is asking for the patten for the seat, dimensions and cuttings for this to make it quicker and cheaper. Can anybody out there help...
  2. Interior
    Hi guys... Looking to purchase a some rib seats for my LWB T4... Does anybody know if the 150cm seat fits my van. My worry being the height of the seat staying at 150cm as the van walls decreases in size, the higher up the walls you go. Any ideas?
  3. T4 Conversions
    I've been looking at beds for a while now. My current one is dog-s**t (pardon the french). I've been quite taken by the RIB bed after seeing it in my mates T5. I like the way it folds out and leaves space it the back for storage. Kiravans sell the bed for the T5 for about £1700 (:eek: yes a lot...
  4. T5 Conversions
    Does anyone know how heavy a full width (1500) RIB seat is? With the slider if possible. I want to get an idea of how heavy the stuff in the back of the van is, of which I suspect the RIB will be the biggest part. I know the RIB is heavy, but I don't know how heavy. Google doesn't know...
  5. Interior
    So... the arrival of my little lad has made me have a bit of a re-think re: our RnR bed, and I'm thinking about up-grading to a RIB one. I also looked at the Reimo (even more expensive!) and the BEBB (lose most of the boot space). The Smart beds look good, but I'm after a full-width one, and...
  6. T5 Conversions
    Does anyone know or have a baby seat with an iso fix base that fits to their RIB rear seat. I have had it installed with the ISOFIX fittings and now can't find an ISOFIX seat and/or base where the front leg touches the floor. Please help, theirs a little baby here desperate to come out in our...
  7. T5 Conversions
    Right on just brought a RIB altair from kiravans an awaiting deliveryall I need now is to find a decent fitter. Can anyone reccomend somebody and at what price am guessing average is between3-4 hundred? Cheers
  8. Conversions & Customisation
    New delivery just in, several RIB Altair seats available now: Inka 2 112cm (2/3 width) Inka 2 150cm (full width) Tasamo 150cm (full width) Give us a call on 08448706091 or go to our website for any of these or a special order. Rob. Kiravans
  9. Interior
    Does anyone know of a company that supplies, and possibly fits RIB beds for the T5 anywhere near Hull or Leeds area? most of the companies I have found are in Devon! I would have just stumped for a Cannons-Forge-esque bed as I had in my T4 but my wife is a little worried about the lack of...
1-9 of 10 Results