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  1. Interior
    I'm fitting my Rib rear seat today, well I thought I was! I have the certified fitting kit (see here) I've just tried to fit it and it seems to be too short. I've measured the width between the two front/back beams under the van (T5 LWB) and it's 750mm as far as I can measure. The problem is...
  2. Interior
    Hi guys... Looking to purchase a some rib seats for my LWB T4... Does anybody know if the 150cm seat fits my van. My worry being the height of the seat staying at 150cm as the van walls decreases in size, the higher up the walls you go. Any ideas?
  3. Interior
    So... the arrival of my little lad has made me have a bit of a re-think re: our RnR bed, and I'm thinking about up-grading to a RIB one. I also looked at the Reimo (even more expensive!) and the BEBB (lose most of the boot space). The Smart beds look good, but I'm after a full-width one, and...
  4. T5 Conversions
    Hi - I'm planning on getting a RIB bed from Kirravans, that I'm going to fit myself. It needs to take passengers so I'll have to make sure the frame is properly secured to some strong pieces of floor and cross-member. As far as i can see there isn't anyone offering a fitting kit for sale (other...
1-4 of 5 Results