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  1. T4 Conversions
    I've been looking at the RIB rail systems. I've emailed a few companies and they will only fit them to T5/T6s. Can't seem to find it as supply only. Has anyone got one fitted to their van? At the moment I'm thinking it's a no go. Next option will be smart bed rail.
  2. Interior
    Hello all. Does anyone know if there are any seat covers available for the full width RIB seat. My current Kombi interior is in mint condition and in the PLACE fabric and although I can get an RIB in the same material i would like to protect it or put another cover over the top.. Thanks all
  3. Vans For Sale
    Hi all Need to sell our full blown Campervan to release funds for house project. Will probably be looking to replace with a Shuttle or Caravelle as a family wagon/day van so will consider px. Price is £28,000 Spec of the van is as follows: 2011 VW Transporter Campervan T5.1 2.0 tdi DSG auto...
  4. Clearcut Conversions
  5. Parts For Sale
    A complete set of new Tasimo upholstry off a 112cm RIB Altair. £100 inc delivery. The seats were installed in the van a few weeks ago and have been reupholstered hence these are up for grabs. Tasimo cloth is no longer available so you won't be able to order them from RIB.
  6. General Van Chat
    Hi all, Have done a quick search but could't find much. I've got a RIB Altair slider in my LWB and cannot get it to stop squeaking/rattling! It's driving me mad, tried wedging various parts of it, had it up/down/fully forwards/backwards whilst driving but nothing seems to sort it. Purchased it...
  7. T5 Conversions
    Hi, What is the difference between the Reimo variotech seat/beds and the RIB ones? Are they different manufacturers are are they just different names for the same product? Thanks
  8. Clearcut Conversions
    We are extremely pleased to be able to offer a large range of RIB Altair Seats, both slider and non-slider seats available in 112cm, 120cm, 130cm and 150cm. We offer a wide range of upholstery options including Tassimo, Place, Inca and Two tone grey fabrics. Why not upgrade your seat with...
  9. Interior
    Hi I have just taken delivery of an Altair 150cm seat and fitting kit from Kiravans for fitting into T5 SWB. I had been planning to fit this myself however due to hurting my back recently I am now looking for someone to fit it. I am based between Edinburgh and Glasgow so looking for a...
  10. Interior
    Hi guys and girls, Im very new to the scene, and also to the world of forums. Ive been trying to convert my VW T5.1 into a camper, made new units which are bespoke and fitted. The seat that i was going to get is the RIB 1120mm seat. now i think i may have made the units over sized and will...
  11. Welcome to The VW T4 Forums
    Anyone know any fitters of SCA roof and RIB beds near Newcastle upon Tyne? cheers for any help
  12. Parts For Sale
    Used but in great condition 104cm wide 3/4 RIB Altair Camper van bed. These are arguably the best Camper beds on he market and are fully crash tested. The bed has been upholstered in a Blue and Cream vinyl. The bed also has two seat belts and integrated headrests. There are a couple of small...
  13. Parts For Sale
    Drivers and passengers front seat swivels for T5 for sale. They are the Kiravans ones seen here here and here. The drivers swivel comes with two bars to raise it up which means you don't have to move the handbrake. They do have movement in them but then I think most swivels do. Selling as I...
  14. T5 Conversions
    Hi, I'm just working fine details for my T5.1 conversion and am considering whether to go for a 2 bed RIB or a Smart bed evo. I know the Smart Bed evo's are good but I also like the RIBs. What I note is that the RIB has 3 supporting legs in total - one at each side and one in the middle. I like...
  15. Interior
    Does anyone have experience of sitting on/sleeping on either of these seats that convert into beds? How comfortable would they be to sit on all day? They seem to be roughly equivalent in terms of cost but is there anything else I should be aware of before committing to one or the other?
  16. General Van Chat
    After some careful consideration and having the first born well on her way I have decided now is the time to invest in a Rib Seat/Bed for my T5. I like the testing, and even more so the design as i can put the MTB behind the seat. My question is can anyone recommend a supplier in the south...
  17. Parts For Sale
    I have this RIB swivel plate, manufactured in France by Scopema. These swivel plates only fit VW T5 vans with single front seats, or double seats with a swivel fitted. With a double swivel fitted the process is to first of all half way spin the double seat, then spin the driver to face the...
  18. Interior
    Has anyone had any problems with the locking mechanism on these seats/beds? Just about to purchase a converted T5 with one fitted. In the normal position the seat doesn't seem to lock on the LH side as you look at it? Something blocking the catch perhaps? Locks fine when pulled forward to make...
  19. Conversions & Customisation
    Hi my name is Jon and I am the owner of Big Blue Sky Campers, located in the East Midlands. After some of my clients asked if I was part of the Forum I thought it was time I joined. We offer a bespoke conversion service tailored to suit your needs. We are an authorised RIB supplier and fitter...
  20. General Van Chat
    As it says, I have money towards either of these but was hoping that someone does the 0% finance on them so that I can get a pop top roof fitted in the van it's the one thing I'd love which would mean that all four of us could sleep in it and it would mean it could be used a lot more in the...
1-20 of 39 Results