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  1. Bumpy crashing ride

    Steering & Suspension
    I wanted to get lower stance so had -50mm springs fitted front and rear. However, the ride is appalling very crashy over speed bumps, pot holes etc. Has anyone else had this and know of a solution? I was looking at different dampers as the van has done 114,000 miles. I have a lightweight camper...
  2. Low Rear Ride Height After Conversion

    Steering & Suspension
    I have a LWB T30 which was converted by Camper King, it now rides low at the rear compared to the front. I didn't realise the conversion would make so much difference, but it does! I'm looking at upgrading the rear springs to T32 ones, in the hope it levels things up. Does anybody know if this...
  3. Daft question about coilovers and how they actually work

    Steering & Suspension
    Assuming a stock T30 van, with 17" steel wheels and std size tyres and a set of Bilstein B14 coilovers. With the Bilsteins set at their highest setting the van will sit approximately 40mm lower than I when it did when it was on std springs. According to all the reviews and comments the ride at...
  4. Cure for harsh ride

    Steering & Suspension
    I am looking for a cure to the harsh ride on my 2007 T30. It is to be converted into a campervan and will not be used to carry heavy loads therfore am I able to fit softer springs/dampers or tyres with a lower load rating for their more compliant sidewalls? Has anyone fitted coilovers for this...
  5. Sportline springs and suspension question

    Steering & Suspension
    My T30 '07 reg 1.9 T5 has standard suspension and has allegedly been fitted with Sportline springs. I need new front shocks which may have to be standard for now until funds dictate otherwise but if I fit Eibach springs I don't want them to have the same drop as the Sportline springs as they...
  6. Anyone into MTB night riding?

    The Pub
    Well why not give this a go!! http://www.suerydercare.org/events.php/567/ride_for_ryder_dusk_till_dawn_challenge 12hr night ride challenge, a fantastic opportunity to ride the world cup trail at Dalby and raise funds for a fantastic cause, Sue Ryder Care.