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rock and roll bed
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    Hello, I have just brought a t4 camper with a rock and roll bed in. The problem is I need three point seat belts fitted to it for child safety and I'm struggling to find anyone who will do it. Most just say I need a whole new seat costing up to 2500 pounds. Please help.
  2. Interior
    Looking at Rock and Roll beds for my T5 - the array of options is baffling. I'm going to go for an m1 tested frame, does anyone know what the function of a subframe is? I've seen some advertised "with m1 tested subframe". If the seat is m1 tested anyway, what is the function of the subframe...
  3. General Van Chat
    Hi there After hours of research I've reached a stalemate on the choice of rock and roll bed for our T5 LWB conversion......I've ruled out Rib as we don't want to have the hassle of bringing a mattress topper and it seems very high when in seat mode (feet dangling), Reimo are over budget, Rusty...
  4. T5 Conversions
    Hi there. Does anybody know where I can purchase some brackets similar (ideally the same) as the ones on the attached photos? The left hinge is not catching and the right hinge is jammed open. I have tried to fix them but haven't had any joy. They look simple to remove from the sub-frame and...
  5. General T4 Chat
    Any recommendations for an M1 tested 3/4 Rock and Roll bed? We just bought our T4 but need a new bed as have 2 kids and want them to travel in the back safely. Have seen a few but trying to keep the cost below £2K is challenging.
  6. New T5 Members Forum
    Hi! I am currently converting my T5 and have just finished carpeting it and laying the floor. My next job is to build some units down one side of the van but id like to build them suit the rock and roll bed so I'm currently looking for one. Im in need of a comfortable 3/4 rock and roll bed...
  7. T5 Conversions
    Hi, I bought my T5 already converted and have a problem with the rock n roll bed where it shoots forward when I break from the seating position. Is this because it's a cheaper (unsafe!) bed? I have a metal G clamp holding it in place at the moment which works but is not ideal. I'm taking it...
  8. General T5 Chat
    Now my eldest has introduced me to the T5 world, I am thinking of getting one for myself (I have a low-light T2 project at the mo' but want to think beyond that, once finished). I'm exploring best options for a camper van (with cooker/sink and maybe hot water, not just a day/over-nighter) and...
  9. Caledonian Campers
    Summer Savings We are offering 10% OFF all M1 TESTED BLADE RnR Beds for the month of July. This offer is only available to Forum Members. Please Quote Forum and Your Username when ordering. Visit RnRBEDS.com or Call 0141 952 5399
  10. T5 Conversions
    Just looking at the options for the RnR beds and initially I thought the bench at the back was a great idea, but having thought about it, I'm wondering if anyone actually ever sits in them? I have a LWB and thinking the seat will probably be closer to the front than in a SWB so maybe buying a...
  11. General T5 Chat
    Hi all we are moving to denmark and i wont to take my van with me. Dose anyone know what the legislation is in regard to rock and roll beds in denmark or could anyone point me in the ritht direction? any info would be appreciated A: karl
  12. Special Offers
    ********Sportline******** One Off Special offer 2 seater 3/4 RnR bed for sale with seatbelts & m1 tested. Black & Grey with Red stitching £1080 Free Delivery Please message for further details.
  13. Life Style
    Rock n Roll bed, 3-seater with seat belts. 137cm / 54" wide Buyer collects - Northampton area £400.00 SOLD
  14. Interior
    Hi, I have bought a Rock and Roll bed from my neighbour and now want to get it installed. I asked my garage and he wouldn't do it because he wasn't certified to do so, and said nobody should do it unless they are, for legal and insurance reasons I'm assuming. He also said that if it isn't...
  15. T5 Conversions
    Hello there as new member and a man who is very much learning as he goes (and swearing a bit more than normal) thought i would put this out there having read the hindsight thread which is a wealth of knowledge, have always lived by you should be big enough to admit your mistakes and learn from...
  16. Parts For Sale
    For Sale - Complete VW T4 Multivan Allstar Interior. Includes Factory Rock and Roll bed (Full Width) and rear mattress and support, back to back seats, Captain Seats, Floor, Headliner and all side panels and table. All seats in excellent condition apart from three small cigarette burns on...
  17. T5 Conversions
    Quick question, what is the difference between the actual frame of a Rock & Roll bed and a M1 tested Rock & Roll bed. Don't say ones been tested. Because if so, that means all the bed frames are the same except one has been put on a jig for x amount of time.... oh then they charge a extra £400...
  18. General T4 Chat
    Any recommendations please for where to get one? Looking for full width with seat belts for a t4... Live in SW London Thank you!!
  19. Caddy
    Hi does anyone know a company that supply a rock and roll bed to fit a Caddy? I am looking for one that's been crash tested and comes with seat belts. thanks in advance! Will
  20. New T5 Members Forum
    Hi everyone, First time posting here after reading some extremely useful tips from everyone :) So we purchased our first T5 last week (yay) which came part converted, we've actually decided to pull everything out and start from scratch so we know it's done properly as the original conversion...
1-20 of 78 Results