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rocker cover

  1. Wanted - T4 2.4 AAB Rocker Cover

    Anyone has a good condition T4 AAB 2.4 rocker cover? Just found out mine is the one where you can't replace the gasket. Got one from JK and it won't fit. Checked out a load of threads on here and it a new cover I need.
  2. Rocker Cover Gasket, replacement fail (4cl Petrol AAC)

    General Technical
    Hi, I just replaced my rocker cover gasket as it had a very slow leak. Now it has a major leak, oil flows out of the 'seal.' I believe I have looked at every rocker cover post here and they're only dealing with slow leaks. Any ideas what I am doing wrong? I simply removed the old gasket (It...
  3. Rocker Cover Leak

    General Van Chat
    I replaced my engine in my T4 backend of last year with a recon engine, after a couple of weeks chasing round various coolant leaks and oil leaks I still have one oil leak left. The leak seems to be coming from the rocker cover, opposite end to the camblet (1.9TD ABL Engine), I have replaced...
  4. Rocker cover gasket 1.9td abl

    Engine & Gearbox
    Got a leaky rocker cover gasket. Been told to buy a new rocker cover and gasket because if I just change the gasket it will only leak again. Is this right? It's comes to £100 if it is! If I can just change the gasket are there any tips? Shall I use gasket sealant as well?