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roof box

  1. Roof box

    VAG Parts For Sale
    Selling our Kamei Husky L roof box (330 litres capacity). Have only used it for two holidays so in excellent condition and no longer need it as now have van. I used this on my Golf and also have some roof rails for sale if interested. Looking for £125 ONO. PM me for more details. Not sure how...
  2. Roof Box on Elevating Roof

    T4 Conversions
    Hi I am thinking about permanently bolting a roof box to the rear of an elevating roof. My reasons are that it will increase the overall height by less, it may reduce drag and noise and it will look neater. Is this a really bad idea?
  3. Roof racks on elevating roofs

    T4 Conversions
    Does anyone have a roof rack or roof box fitted to the hinged end of an elevating roof? If so, would you let me know how you did it? Ideas about ladders on the tailgate would also be useful. I know fiamma does one but I would rather one in powder coated steel.