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roof lining
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  1. T5 Conversions
    Morning chaps and chappettes, please could somebody tell me what is the best material to use to line my ceiling inside my T5 and also like to do it in one piece will i have to replace the two seperate boards with a new one? thanks Daz
  2. Interior
    I have to replace the roof liners in my T5, would you recommend 3.5mm or 6mm ply as I have seen both thicknesses for sale on ebay. Any recommendations welcome as this is the last piece I need to purchase before I can get to work on replacing my campervan interior.
  3. Bodywork & Exterior / Detailing & Valeting
    I have bought a 96 T4 that has had a roof rack fitted in the past by being bolted through the roof. The holes for the bolts now let water in and it is rusting. Has anyone come across this problem before? Proposed solutions??? Need to sort is asap as weather is gash at the moment and don't want...
  4. T5 Conversions
    I have removed the original hardboard roof lining panels from my T5 and covered them using mega stretch carpet. The rear panel went back fine but the front panel seems to have shrunk front to back by about 20mm from the middle row of holes to the front edge!!!!? The result is that the centre...
  5. Interior
    Hi guys. I have a 2009 Caravelle executive and I'm trying to install a rear view camera. I got an eBay one that attaches to the number plate light. However I'm new to vw scene and I'm really struggling with how I'm gonna run the wire. I haven't got a clue even how to get the plastic facia over...
  6. T5 Conversions
    I'm trying to decide on what to do with my ceiling. Options: automotive roof trim (looks nice) vinyl trim (durable when strapping boards to the roof) hard wearing carpet (compromise) What do yours look like?
  7. FREE Stuff
    Not sure why, but I can't put it in the 'free stuff section', but i've got original roof lining cards going spare. 2 pieces with holes cut for rivets & interior lights. This is from a SWB T4 1000. A bit grubby, has been previously glued and has some resin stuck to them, but they are free to a...
  8. SWB Garage (All Versions)
    I like to do it myself if I can though I do think this project is a tad ambitious. Phase one complete but phase two is a bigger section and will be interesting getting it through my little singer machine! Feaux suade, marked out in chalk, then glue to 1/2 inch foam with a calico backing glued...
  9. Interior
    In my van there are 3 sections of headlining. 1 at the front above the cab, and 2 in the rear. These are joined by 2 plastic cover strips. (#7H0868551A, and #30 in the image linked below). These are held in place by small black plastic clips that slide into the strips and contain a pin that...
1-9 of 10 Results