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  1. General T4 Chat
    Hi all first post and it's a help need a roof rack for my t4 anybody any ideas where to get one thanks chris
  2. T4 Conversions
    Chaps, BACKGROUND I use a Thule roof rack that has feet that rest onto the roof rails, and hooks that fix into the door frame, and onto the lip that runs along the bottom edge of the roof and side panels...
  3. T5 Conversions
    One of the first challenges of my conversion was to find a way of carrying my surfboards that was functional but did not spoil the look of the van. Normally you would just put on a roof rack and be done with it but I have a factory fitted T5 hi top which is made of fibreglass and there are no...
  4. Show Us Your...
    Sick of trying to get step ladders and lengths of timber in my t4 so want some ideasI: would like somat slimline don't matter if new or old? Where from and prices pleaseT: cheers
  5. Parts For Sale
    As we've now got a popup we have for sale a set of 2 logo (city crash) roof rack as supplied by VW. They will fit in roof rails of T5 and come with locks and a key. The weight limit of the roof bars is 100kg. Price: £75 ono. I'd prefer pick up of roofrack from Ogmore by Sea (15 mins from J35...
1-5 of 5 Results