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  1. T5 Conversions
    Afternoon all, I'm planning the fitting of RS4 seats into my T5.1GP 2012 sportline (single + twin seat removal) and I was wondering if any others on here have done so, fitments, seat bases accommodating swivels bases, where to source best types for these seats etc etc. Any advice would be more...
  2. Wheels & Tyres
    I've lost one of my centre caps from my RS4 style Audi wheels. Does anyone know where i can get one from as i dont really want to spend the money on a genuine Audi one and i dont know if it will fit. This is the one i'm after................. 145mm diameter, 105mm diameter badge and 55mm...
  3. Steering & Suspension
    Hi guys, I'm pretty new to this forum and have just started work on my T4 It's an N reg 2.0L petrol caravelle. I'm looking at lowering it on some 18" RS4 alloys. I'm just unsure as to what springs will be best. I do not use the Van for heavy transporting but am going to build cupboards, bed...
  4. General Technical
    Hi there Can someone please help, I'm 99% certain but need confirmation if these alloys will fit my 1995 'N' Reg VW T4 2L petrol Van.. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=260832865629&ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT#ht_500wt_1156 Thanks in advance!!
  5. Wheels & Tyres
    Hi, I've just bought my 1st T5 and the first thing I need is wheels. I didn't realise how difficult it is to find decent load rated wheels. I've decided against 20's as I don't want to compromise the ride/ruin them in pot-holes. I can't seem to find any 19's so I'm going for 18's. Is the load...
  6. Parts For Sale
    I've got a set of very clean RS4 alloy wheels. I think they're replicas rather than OEM but they look great. They have VW centre badges and are all straight etc. They're 17" rim, 7.5J width. Want to put them on my own van really but my steels still have LOADS of tread so I feel someone else...
  7. Wheels & Tyres
    I want some sturdier tyres for my 18" RS4 replicas,what options do I have?
1-7 of 7 Results