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  1. Wheels & Tyres
    I am doing away with my spare wheel as I need the space to house my hot water system. Therefore I am looking at going on to runflat tyres when our current set needs replacing in a couple of thousand miles. I currently run a 275/40/20 which I'm happy with on pretty much all accounts. I am...
  2. Wheels & Tyres
    has anyone experience with these as looking at some x6 alloys which have these on , I have been told they give a harder ride as wont be able to afford to change them straight away cheers j
  3. Wheels & Tyres
    Can anyone recommend any run flats? Will they take the weight of the van? Would need to be 22"... Thanks :)
  4. Wheels & Tyres
    Ive had the offer of 2 runflat 18inch tyres, has anyone on the forum tried these out .?:*
  5. Wheels & Tyres
    got a puncture on the side wall:( and have a runflat in the shed...would it be safe due to its thicker side walls?LWB T4 with nothing in the back
  6. Wheels & Tyres
    Heard a few people say that Runflat tyres are to be avoided. They are expensve I know that but I don't know why so many people don't like them. Whats the deal with them then???:dunno:
1-6 of 6 Results