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rust cover up
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  1. Bodywork & Exterior / Detailing & Valeting
    Hi all, Due to unforseen circumstances, my bodyshop has had to cancel my booking to have a T5 Caravelle front bumper, lower splitter and rear bumper resprayed so now I'm on the look out for a decent place to get them sprayed. The best thing about my one was it's only 15 minutes from me, if yhe...
  2. Bodywork & Exterior / Detailing & Valeting
    Any recommendations for treating small rust spots etc. Also having just polished the van, wondering how to get in between the lettering on the badges. Is a toothbrush the best way?
  3. General T4 Chat
    hello, has anyone got any advice on these wheel arch covers, do we go plastic or the steel ones? how easy are they to fit? any advice where to get from? thank you for your help, Kate x
1-3 of 3 Results