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  1. Interior
    Hi, Why do a lot of people use Saab seats in their T4's ? Do hey bolt straight in or are they easy to fit ? Thanks
  2. Interior
    just wondering as they are quite long and would sit out of any panel by about 25mm. any pics front and back if you used any supports at the rear. these are the switches with an iPhone 3 for size comparison.
  3. Interior
    In the process of fitting some 2002 Saab 9-5 full electric seats into my 1995 Caravelle. Seems like the motors on the underside might get in the way of the seat bases at certain positions. Has this been the case for anyone else? Also does anyone know where I can get replacement pins for the...
  4. Interior
    Hello T4 seat (single): c.£150 Saab seats, leather, heated, full set incl rear: less than £100. Are Saab seats easy enough to adapt? What about belts? Can armrests be retro-fitted? Ta
  5. Interior
    hi I have a dilema and wondered if anyone can help me i have been offered some saab95 leather seats for my T4 at £40 both brand new and i am really keen on getting them after seeing them. The only issue i have is will they fit in to the van, as i am new to all this i dont really know much...
  6. Interior
    hi guys has anybody fitted saab leather seats? do they fit straight in a t4?
  7. Interior
    I have seen alot of posts about fitting saab seats into a T4. I have an "early" with two single seat bases up front. Which saab and what year will go straight in...if any? just so I can scour flea bay for vehicles that are being broken!I:I:I: Cheers Chris
  8. Interior
    ... being put in this afternoon.... may look good, be nice to have electric seats... but what a faff!!! thats all :D
  9. Interior
    I have recently purchased a set of 1/2 Leather Saab seats with electric adjusts, built in memorys, heaters and airbage. I'm a pretty handy bloke (except for when it comes to electrics) and would like to try to fit the seats myself. After scouring the forums for a few hours its become pretty...
  10. Interior
    Anyone know what other seatbelt catches fit the T4 seatbelt buckle i.e polo, golf or any other manufacturer Cheers Gaz
  11. Interior
    I hare recently purchased some 1/2 leather grey saab sports seats to put up front in the van I have got gold of a passenger seat base inc swivel & safe and a new drivers seat base (standard vw). both bases are the same height as a standard vw seat base. will I need you put any spacers between...
  12. SWB Garage (All Versions)
    i bought the Bus in 2004 and one of the first things I did was to remove the rear seats and fit a cargo shield and load anchor points and fit a tow bar. the reason to register it as a "Truck" in Sweden to reduce the road tax from about £900 about £300 a year. So that is how it was for quite a...
  13. Interior
    You all looked and i'm sure hundreds have fitted them before but hows about a nice guide including wiring of heated and electric seats?? I'm thinking it would be nice to have the guide since its one of the most common mods, yet there are no guides as such. Just hundreds of threads asking the...
1-13 of 13 Results