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  1. T4 captains seat with arm rest and bench seat

    I'm after a captains seat and bench seat with the shoulder belt . Ideally I would like to swap for my Saab captains seats. One comes with a swivel safe and the other with a regular T4 base Thx Dave
  2. 2 Saab 9-3 part leather captains seats

    Swap Shop
    I have 2 Saab seats , one with a swivel safe and the other with a regular t4 single base for sale . I would ideally like l swap them for a t4 inca captains seat and a bench seat. I'm in Bristol and I can upload some pics if needed. Thx D
  3. VWT4 bench seat with three point seat belts and VWT4 captains seat with arm rests

    Will buy or swap for 2 Saab 9-5 half leather seats, both mounted to a swivel with a safe underneath
  4. Greetings & Salutations

    New T5 Members Forum
    Hi All, Greetings from Dear olde Ireland. Have been driving Transporters of various kinds for the last 12 years. Currently have a '05 T5 kombi which is my pride and joy. Bought from new locally with a few options at the time that are now considered basic spec and have added to it over the years...
  5. 2 saab seats & bases for 2 captains & bases.

    Swap Shop
    I have Driver and Passenger Saab seats in great condition fitted to modified bases. Swaping so i can have swivels. So Captains seats & bases... and if I'm really lucky... already with swivels,I: Cheers. 07894 881 279
  6. Front seat replacements

    Hello, I've got a T5, I want to put swivel seats in the front, but I've currently got the front bench seat. Has anyone got any idea how I might go about replacing this? I've also heard that SAAB seats fit straight in to Transporters, is this correct and do any other makes or VW model seats...
  7. Pair of Saab 9-3 beige half leather turbo seats

    Parts For Sale
    Re-advertised now as I've had the damaged seat cover repaired/replaced. Pics will follow tonight/tomorrow. Pair of front seats from a Saab 9-3 turbo. They are beige/tan and half leather. Easily fitted into a T4 using steel bars. I've got some I already cut but might need some holes drilled...